/e/ OS on Galaxy S5 (AT&T) with Safestrap 3.75 (TWRP v2.7.1.0)?

Is there any way to install /e/ OS on Galaxy S5 (AT&T) with Safestrap 3.75 (TWRP v2.7.1.0)?

adb sideload always fails… Can’t get past that step…

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Have you tried the SDcard or internal storage method ?

SD Card method didn’t work either. It gave me the error message “E3004: This package is for device: klte, klteacg, klteatt, kltecan, kltelra, kltetmo, klteub, klteusc, kltevzw, kltexx: this device is .”

This “TWRP” is not reading the device model. I guess I could try to bypass the model check…

I think this “TWRP” is too old (v2.7.1.0)

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For android pie 9, have a try with a
kleatt twrp-3.3.x-x.img
But i am not sure /e/ support att variant of the s5

How can I do that? Galaxy S5 biotloader is locked and only recovery I have is Safestrap.

What is your model number ?

SM-G900A (non-Active)

G900A Search résults on the Forum


it looks like the AT&T variant is not supported
Better choose another device :