/e/OS on Samsung Galaxy J5 2017

I use jenkins for that :slight_smile:

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But the make approach takes far less time when it comes for debugging and things like this - with docker it can be painfully slow.

everything is better using the make approach :slight_smile: IMHO the only reason NOT using it is when you never build before and do not want to spent any time on learning (much)

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I learnt quite a lot by patching the kernel (okay, a change in a makefile, diagnosing error messages, adding missing sources) and playing with the resourcemap.xml file. But even with that I hardly scratched the surface.

Hi Julek
I have a J5y17lte and want to help with your build.I am a noob but eager to help. Maybe you can work with me? if you are interested let me know.

Hi Karol,

Looks like someone already has a working build - check there :

As of now I put my own experiment on hold since I badly need security updates and cannot afford either to brick my phone or to let it with big security holes. This was my primary motivation to switch to /e/OS alongside having a Google free phone, but on the other hand a working phone is still better than a bricked one. I will first by an /e/OS S7 and then be back to my J5 dedicated to science. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the prompt reply.
I bought a second phone as a testbed but I found it was blocked and it doesnt work with a SIM. However I managed to install an unofficial build of LineageOS on it and it worked fine through WiFi.
I now have an unofficial build of /e/ on it. Not sure where i got that from without checking… It might be the same as above but i was just thrashing around the internet and thought I would give it a go. i figured I couldn´t do a lot of damage given that the phone is pretty borked without a SIM.
The unofficial /e/ build does work on WIFI so I tested all that I could. However I am waiting for an official build before I install it on my main phone.
So thanks for the link i will head over there and try to see if i can help, in some small way, to get it up to official status.
I hope you get your new phone soon, please feel free to contact me when you come back to this IF you think i can be of any help.

for those interested: [UNOFFICIAL BUILD][Q][A10] Samsung J5 2017 - SM-J530F (j5y17lte)

already claimed to go official. just need some more user feedback on this build.
here it works very stable plus tested by 1 other user.

Wow great news ! Once my problems with my S8 (from /e/store) are all sorted out I guess I know what to do. :slight_smile:

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It’s an Exynos 7870 CPU & Mali-T830 MP1 GPU , like my a3y17lte…

Perhaps it would be possible to port this build for whole this familly of devices…

Thanks a lot, anyway.


Sadly not possible. I went through this as well but the devices should be considered completely differently as there may be undocumented differences between them (and there probably are).

yes that’s possible - in theory. Astrako did really an awesome job there and supports the whole SoC but!!! -> as I do not own any device other then the j5y17lte I personally won’t. It is a principal of mine to not develop for devices I do not own (it makes dev a lot harder and I can’t give full support and it is in general not a good idea).

if you find someone who is willing to build for your device point him/her to my thread/sources and it should be possible to port it.

I understand…

Thanks a lot !

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