/e/OS on SM-G960U1 Galaxy S9

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use /e/OS for the first time and pass from a “Googl” world to “Murena.io”.
This is the second time I ordered refurbish “Galaxy S9 - SM-G960F” on a website called “Backmarket”, and that the product delivered is a Samsung Galaxy S9 - SM-G960U1.

I think no SM-G960F is available to buy, and that the SM-G960U1 isn’t supported by the easy installer.

My question is: Even if I can’t use the “easy installer” to instal /e on the phone, is there a way to install /e or I will never be able to instal it on that smartphone serie?

To find out if I should abandon the idea and get my money back.

Thank you for your answers,

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The U in SM-G960U1 is USA. Are you in USA ?

You might search the forum for Samsung and USA if this does apply to you.

USA Samsungs are built with Qualcomm, where bootloader is locked, so your options are limited, if you are in USA :slightly_frowning_face: and, separately, a locked bootloader → no custom ROMs :slightly_frowning_face: … so it probably is a case for return to sender.

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Thanks for your reply, this is what I thought when searching on internet.
These devices seams to be locked, and to come from USA indeed.

No I am in France but I bought 1 S9 on Backmarket (supposed to be SM-G960F) and it was the G960U1, I returned it, get a payback, order a new one on Backmarket by a different reseller, and I just received a G960U1. On their website it’s marked: “SM-G960F”… .

I will return it to get a cashback and probably buy a Murena phone with the pre-installed OS, since I am not a developer and have limited skills on these topics.

Anyway, thank you very much for your help!

Have a great day!


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An exchanche ?