/e/ OS 'Q' alpha builds are coming!

This version without the spying api


great thanks! good luck with the backlog :slight_smile:

You are really incorrigible - in the sense of ‘unique’.

It would be easy for you to integrate the current stable build But no, you praise yourself for your good job - with three dauem upwards - and you ride with a new Q-GSI on old microG paths along with the ‘spying api’ that follows you. The users will decide about the acceptance of your Q-GSI variant.

Nevertheless I thank you for building Q-GSI. Maybe the eTeam can see this as a steep template, but probably not …

No, No, Noooo, I don’t praise myself. I would never do !!! The thumbs up where pointed to the e-dev*s job !!!

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sure, but as I have written, I have build a pure eOS-Q-GSI without any source changes. That’s including the MicroG sources.

And I’m sorry, as soon as eOS will include the new microG with the spying api, I will build only my LeOS with ‘old’ MicroG sources, because as you know, I’m totally against it.

And once more sorry, as far as I know, e.foundation isn’t planning any official GSI

Unofficial builds can be made by anyone who feels like it. The alpha builds are made by the e-dev’s for testing in a early stage. The alpha builds do have OTA updates ad can be released with eRecovery.

Hi, thanks for your answer !

I just get the alpha build on my Galaxy Note 9 this morning (with TWRP). Which tests should I run ?

Many apps are available and running well at the moment.

Just report your experience to the dev’s. They will be happy with your feedback.
Enjoy /e/

When will an Alpha-Build for the Xiaomi Poco F1 be available?

Thanks for reminding me to add the builds for Q builds for chiron and berrylium. I am using a Q test build for chiron for more than a month on my main phone without any issues. Will add the builds for both devices may be early next week once we finish our current round of testing.


@Manoj any updates on the availability of the Chiron ROM :slight_smile:

Today’s update from dev team:
Dev builds by end of this week or early next for all devices, there are issues which the team needs to fix and test, hence the delay
Stable builds 1 week (min) after the release of dev builds.


Hi Manoj,
for those of us who are on the test Pie builds that you made available on this forum, will we receive these Q updates OTA and will we then be automatically on the ‘dev’ branch again, instead of on a ‘test’ branch?

The switch from Pie to Q or for that matter from one OS version to the upper version is manual. This is because we still need to patch the updater.
Those on the Q branch if beta will be updated to dev OTA no need to flash the dev build manually.

And the Docker fix? Will that come after all these releases?

Checking …will update

where can we see if the Q updates are out for our devices? are the most recent updates here? https://doc.e.foundation/devices/#smartphones-list

Yes the updates will show up at this URL… for those who are already on the same OS version it will appear OTA

I have got an update that this fix should have been merged. Pl take a latest of the community image link given here and run a Docker build and let me know if it is working.


Thanks. Will do, but it may take a little while as I’m in the middle of running some non-Docker builds at the moment