/e/OS user communities

Interested in starting a community of /e/OS users in your country?

The purpose of these communities would be to have informal meetups, flash parties, discuss issues and share ideas and feedback to help improve and optimize /e/OS.

In this post we will add details of /e/OS User community groups across the globe :earth_africa:

This is a user editable post.

/e/OS users who are interested in forming a community in their country can add the country names and create posts (topics) linked to that country.

The format for adding information is :


  • Country
    • City — link to posts (topics) which will have more details on the event or have names of volunteers from that city / country

How to add a new country or city ?

  • Create a post in this category
    The post could be asking for /e/OS users in your continent, country, city, town …
  • Next in this post we have added a list of Continent /Country / City names.
  • If your country is already in this list, add an entry with the city or town name and link it to the post you created in the first step
  • If your country or city is not mentioned, you can add it

This is a user editable thread and all are welcome to update and edit .


North America

South America


  • :australia: Australia
  • :new_zealand: New Zealand



  • :nigeria: Nigeria

And UK? (Padding to make up 20 characters)

It’s a wiki - so just add UK in the according sentence… :wink:


Add Pennsylvsnia USA


:czech_republic: Czechia

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hi all,

i wanted to high light this topic,

i like this idea, but it has only 300 views for a year, and i have no request by this canal,
i had three, but by other way :
one from an announcement i made on /www.leboncoin.fr ( french second hand market ) i do guidance by phone call, and the guy make a donation to /e/
and two requests ( not concretised ) from there :
[OFFER] Je veux fournir des appareils de seconde main avec /e/OS pré-installés
for information in one year have resold only one /e/-galaxy-s4 and two /e/-galaxy-s4mini to some friends

Hi @Manoj
just added my Session Messenger ID and e.Community contact for France
Please note I changed a bit the format of excel file, a backup is in the Backup tab in case you want to revert it back

I changed a line in the Wiki (first post)'s introductory text to remove any limits to specific countries or continents. Manoj himself added continents and countries that were not part of the original enumeration, so I think this is probably uncontroversial. :slight_smile:

@manoj I would like to create a community, I’m from Brazil, how do I do it?

Thanks for volunteering to start a community in Brazil.
You can create a post with a title like ‘/e/OS community in Brazil’ or something similar. In that, share the location where you would like to create the community and request others from your area to respond. This could be a starting point.
I have added these details to the initial post.

@Manoj I already created the community topic, and now what’s the next step?

You can wait for other users from Brazil to post in the same thread. If you have folks living near you, maybe you can all plan to meetup.
The idea is to have informal gatherings across the world of /e/OS users. Have fun and in that if we can get some flash parties also that would be the icing on the cake.


A few recommendations from my own experience and what I have noticed when Fairphone meetups were initiated in other places:

  1. Only schedule a meetup once a significant number of people have contacted you and at least 1-2 of those definitely commmit to attend it. Also make sure to leave enough time between announcing and holding the meetup, so you can spread it widely (social media, other communication channels in your area). Never limit it to just this forum community. I am optimistic that Manoj is willing to support you there with /e/ communication channels – if you give it enough time (I would suggest a few weeks, not just a few days).
  2. An email address in your local community topic’s first post here allows everyone to get in touch with you (not just people signed up here). Don’t limit yourself to users of your favourite tool, email is the most universal way. Make up your mind how you do this without falling victim to crawlers that collect email addresses for spam purposes, e.g. you can insert the address as a picture or spell it creatively yet recognizable, e.g.: example :slight_smile: letterbox • com If necessary, you can replace the email address with a different one after a while if it attracts too much spam by then.
  3. Don’t expect too much from the first meetup!

There is also this sheet that I’ve found recently for local user support

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Added JAPAN :jp: Good luck! :crossed_fingers:


Added Ireland :ireland: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Added Italy. Buona fortuna! :+1:

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