E-waste concerns and supported devices

Hi there! I’m following the progress of /e/ for a couple of months and I’m really looking forward to try to install V1, but my phone is not supported. It’s a BQ Aquaris X (bardock) that I bought in summer 2017, and therefore still running very smoothly. I’m very concerned with e-waste and actually bought this phone thinking of stretching its lifespan as much as possible (even thinking of, if necessary, trying to fix it or change the battery by myself after the warranty expires). So I have a dilemma, because I’m also concerned with privacy and I would like to have /e/ V1 installed in my phone, but I don’t want to buy a new or a second hand supported phone and just don’t use or sell my perfectly functional Aquaris X. Has anyone the same concerns? What would you recommend? Would you wait in case they include it some day in the support list? What if they don’t? (it’s not a hugely popular phone as Xiaomi, Samsung…, so I don’t have much hope). thanks in advance

You can ask here: [POLL] Which device(s) you would like /e/ to support next?

Your device is supported by LineageOS, since /e/ is a fork of LineageOS it should be possible. I bought a Leeco s2 for /e/ and sold my iPhone. I told myself this way it would not matter much because the person buying my phone would not buy a new one :slight_smile: But i understand your concern.


I bought a S7 for /e/ but I just noticed it’s not being upgraded to LineageOS 15. My tablet (Galaxy tab S2) has no more updates on LineageOS.
I’d also like to know which devices are the most likely to get long term support.

Hi @anata want to repeat that just because Lineage is dropping support for certain devices /e/ would not be doing the same. We will be continuing support and also ensuring that the latest security patches be provided to the devices. We are looking at enhancing our infrastructure to set this up. None of the devices in our supported list is being dropped.

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@graz I agree that e-waste is a big issue.

Have you heard of Lineage OS + microg? It’s quite similar to /e/ maybe you could use it until your device is either supported by /e/ or dead.
Of course selling/gifting/borrowing your device to someone else also makes sure it doesn’t end up as e-waste prematurely.

If you decide to get a new device that supports /e/ I believe the Fairphone 2 will be interesting to you. It’s the most repairable smartphone (according to iFixit), so it’s designed not to end up as waste. You could also get a used one in the unofficial market: https://forum.fairphone.com/c/market


Because I’m concerned with e-waste too, bought a Fairphone FP2.
There are some issues about upgrading the hardware because it is not a phone to dump after a few years as most other phones are.
Such a phone is a project that’s never finished, so it will run Oreo:

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Thanks everyone for your help! :slight_smile:

Here Im gonna build unofficial /e/ roms for every single device supported by LineageOS you can find my Oreo and Pie test builds for BQ Aquaris X (bardock).