Easy Installer issue : Teracube Emerald not recognised

When I look for my serial number in the initially installed Android OS I read: 0123456789ABCDEF
Fortunately behind the battery I find the serial number : 202111T2E003145.
I conclude that I have a Teracube 2e (2021) Emerald and that I can use the Easy Installer.
Unfortunately, Easy Installer tells me that my device is not supported and no possibility to continue the installation.
Do you have any idea how to solve this, and still be able to use Easy Installer?
I am wondering to what extent Easy Installer does not consider 0123456789ABCDEF as the serial number, rather than the other one

Thanks in advance.

A fail at this point is likely due to failure of 2 way communication between Easy Installer and the device. First thing to do is try a different USB cable avoid and USB hub and try to use a USB port soldered to the motherboard (that is often rear rather than front on a PC – also can apply to a laptop, see manual).

And / or see if anything is recorded in the log, to suggest any other reason.

I found the log and I read that

2022-09-01 20:06:36,779 DEBUG [Thread-6] e.e.i.t.DeviceDetectionTask [null:-1] checkAdbDevicesResult(0123456789ABCDEF       device product:Teracube_2e model:Teracube_2e device:Teracube_2e transport_id:4)
2022-09-01 20:06:36,779 INFO [Thread-6] e.e.i.t.DeviceDetectionTask [null:-1]   Device has been found

So, Easy Installer considers 0123456789ABCDEF as Andoid ;-( and not the other one
So shouldn’t the problem be solved in the original Android OS? And how?
Or can someone modify the Easy Installer to accept 0123456789… ?

can someone modify the Easy Installer to accept 0123456789… ?

I think I would ask in the Teracube forum if this is normal, there may be a way to adjust the device. Do you know if this was an “original install” or might the phone have some “history”?

Just a thought … if you boot into Recovery mode … often the important identifier, usually device codename, sometimes more is recorded here. What you find might help inform your question at Teracube, perhaps.

Strangely there is recent “hard to identify” Teracube Easy Installer failure here

Yes, the phone has some “history” and I have acces to the recovery mode wherein I have no experience buth I’m always ready to learn :wink:

I made a post on the Teracube section which is closed and we can continue here

On some phones, one can modify the /EFS partition with a fake IMEI and SERIAL to reach anonymity on the network or against in-apps tracker

If it is the case,
You may consider restoring a complete stock firmware before installing /e/

Maybe I see the misunderstanding … when I said Teracube forum I meant here :slight_smile:

So when you enter the Recovery mode do you read the identifier there?


The reason for checking was just to be able to share a second source of the apparently “faked” identifier. We already see that 0123456789ABCDEF was identified by adb in Easy Installer, as well as your OP

my serial number in the initially installed Android OS I read: 0123456789ABCDEF

The method used to re flash Teracube OS is given here.


This is a fairly advanced and intrusive way to re flash the device; therefore only use with caution. Depending on what is the “history” of the device you may get a reliable answer on that forum, as to whether this will be a fix for you. It may even be covered in reading the full thread, idk.

IEMI and device serial number is mentioned in this thread.

The problem:
The IMEI numbers are missing and the device serial number has changed to 0123456789ABCDEF.


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As far as I know the easy installer doesn’t really use the serial number for anything other than talking to the right device in case more than one phone is connected with USB debugging enabled.
So I doubt this is the reason the installer says it’s not supported.

As you were able to find the log file, could you share its full content?

Can I try to install manually or will this issue block the manual installation ?

Yess, It’s done manually