Easy Installer..Samsung S9+ help

I just bought a standard EU Samsung S9 Plus because I wanted to use the Easy Installer this time and I had such a nightmare with my previous Gigaset GS290.
Surely this time it will be “easy” I thought!

I followed the instruction exactly and it comes up with 'Installer Has Encountered An Error" at the final stage.
I am using a Mac (Catalina) so no drivers, I’m using the latest version of Easy Installer.
Also…this set of instructions is really really confusing. After 'Enable ‘OEM Unlock’ you seem to miss several stages out and it does not proceed as you seem to think it does.
EDIT…OK I saw a post where you are meant to press home+Bixby+volume UP immediately after pressing home+Bixby+volume DOWN…I am totally confused!
My log also seems to be indicating that something else on my computer has claimed the phone…but I have no idea what that might be and the log does not indicate. Any ideas? Thanks
I have screenshot of my USB bus which indicates the phone is connected but is this the ‘hijacking’ of the device?

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have you try using USB.2 port ?
because USB.3 is not recommanded.

Thanks for the reply Piero

I think both my USB ports are USB3 only.

Can I ask- will it help if I install TWRP? In this post:

which seems it might be related to my issue, the user talks about TWRP but I do not have it installed…
Specifically this does not make sense as it is not mentioned to use the Vol UP combination in Easy Installer?.. “Note for future users running into the same problem: You have to really press PWR + Bixby+Vol down and then IMMEDIATELY after, PWR + bixby + vol U to get to Teamwin. waiting even half a second is way to much. we’re talking about 0,1 to 0.3 seconds (approx).”

Oooh this is soooo frustrating! 5 hours going round and round. I’m on the point of giving up :frowning:

I just get “Claiming Interface Failed” every time…

Indeed !

This part you already know, I think but
Know your hardware -Samsung #Your first boot into TWRP

It is quite possible that you have a USB3 problem, so maybe you are just using the wrong machine :slightly_frowning_face:

the photo show USB.2

Hi Aibd
Thanks for this…I’ve only skimmed the link you post but…
“In this case the phone will not accept a Custom ROM. It would accept an Official ROM. Beware of a situation where you are lured into Upgrading Samsung original to a higher Android version which might be even more securely locked !”
This goes against the Easy Installer advice which basically instructs to get everything up to date!
Too late now.
But there is much more in the post you link to so I will read it fully. Thanks

Sadly not Piero…that is the internal USB for the trackpad. Both ports are USB3.

I just tried using Wireshark to track USB activity but no joy.

I think Aibd might be right- wrong machine…

Well the good thing about this is I’ve decided to return the S9+ and go with an A52 as the Easy Installer is not so easy so I might as well go for the full tearing my hair out experience!

my getting stuck with installing e/os on the S7 had to do with windows, once i used linux mint, on laptop with usb3, i succeeded instantly…
maybe this applies to the S9 also.