Easy installer won't find phone

I followed all the instructions on the easy installer but it won’t find the phone.
Somebody help please?

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Please forgive this question, but it must be asked: Is your phone on the supported phone list?

TLDR: it must be the unlocked, global, Exynos processor variant of Samsung S6 (incl. Edge) through S9+.

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Everything was going fine, I got it detected but now I want to do it again but the oem unlock toggle is gone. First it was there but the first time I slipped my fingers of the buttons so it couldn’t continue installing. I tried that trick with time but that didn’t work. What do I do now?

Thank u for the link. But i got it to work. Im working on e/os for a week now. The clock trick worked if i turned auto update off when turning the date back , and than i turned wifi on, auto update and when the time is set correct ,the oem toggle should be there