EasyInstaller stuck at TWRP Wipe


trying to flash e/OS onto my SM-G955F.

The installation went through to the point where TWRP is started and a wipe is performed.
Im unsure if everything up to the point really worked as the phone loaded my previously installed TWRP which is a different version. That mostly manifested itself in not showing the “Do not install”-button, but everything else seems as expected.
Manually flashing twrp-3.3.1-2-dream2lte using odin while the installer remains running in the background, rebooting the phone and repeating the steps prompts the “Do no install”-Button as expected.

But in any case, neither pressing “continue” on the Wizard page does advance to the next step as usual, nor does it on its own. The phone will always reboot into TWRP.

Log does not give any info (see below), but I see quite a few null pointer exceptions. Can’t make anything out of these though. Missing drivers? I installed the official samsung ones, so I think I’m in the clear.

Any ideas from you folks?

Thanks and bye!

— Edit —
Here’s the log. https://pastebin.mozilla.org/PO7Zqvzz

It sounds as if you feel TWRP is working ok.

In this case I would change to install from SD Card. Details here. (The method is very similar whatever OS is on your PC.)

8) Install the image of /e/OS on the ROM of your Samsung device without computer, with TWRP using the SDcard method

Go to twrp and select advance and select adb side load

Then open cmd or terminal and run this command

" adb sideload /eoslocation"

And wait until it reach 100%