eCloud Self Hosting Upgrade Testing

We have made some updates to the eCloud self hosting project. For those who are unaware of this please check this post.

The recent changes fix some issues users were encountering during the installation. It also updates all components of the cloud suite to those currently in use in, including the improved UI and application launcher.

All testers are welcome: either for new installations from scratch, or upgrading your existing ecloud self-host installation.

Please keep in mind you will need an internet domain and temporary access to a cloud server or VPS.

If during the setup or upgrade process you face any issues or bugs pl raise them on gitlab.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Thanks /e/ Team for the updates ! :smiley_cat:

Currently testing the new /e/ Cloud in the little free time I have, it is a really great improvement !
Beyond the updated software, many parts have been reworked or fixed.

Self-hosted /e/ Cloud is a major part of a global privacy solution, only for a few bucks/month.


Thanks @smu44 for helping with the development and testing for these upgrades

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Update :smiley_cat:

Fresh install for NC20 is fully functional, please see [HOWTO] Self-hosted /e/ Cloud quick start guide for admins.

This week-end, I upgraded my old NC18 server, that was … interesting :wink:
At the end, I’ve managed to get everything working fine.

I’ve shared my notes with /e/ team, and if anyone needs help I can offer experience feedback and customized advice.


Hi @manoj !

As I remember, there was some documentation in about self-hosted, but I couldn’t find them anymore.
Is it just me, or … ?

The ecloud team have shared the details here

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