eOS support for DOOGEE N20

Could you please work on support for DOOGEE N20? I am stuck with stock Android as there’s almost no ROM supporting it. Thank you, eventually.

It looks like there is no lineage code available for the Doogee N20 (originally with stock Android 9.0, upgradeable to Android 10.0). Thus, the chances of a /e/OS custom ROM are more than slim. However, a /e/ GSI-Q V1.4 can be installed.

First, an unlock code has to be generated to unlock the bootloader.

With fastboot oem unlock ****************" (replace * with 16 digit unlock code) the unlock process is initiated.

Check if bootloader is unlocked using the below commands fastboot oem get-bootinfo

The next step could be as described in the /e/ documentation:
:bookmark: How to /e/OS on a non supported device?