eOSWiki is no Wiki

I am pretty new here. As I saw the eOSWiki entry I happily went there and was disappointed.

Let me get it clear: Great that you collect HowTos there!

But: Why do you announce it as being a Wiki and implement just another forum category?
Why don’t you implement a Wiki and unleash its power!? For me as a Wiki maintainer for years this simply hurts. Please change the misleading name to “HowTo collection”.

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Even better: I have the button “Wiki-Editor” but don’t even know where this wiki is.

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https://community.e.foundation/badges/48/wiki-editor?username=irrlicht“This badge is granted the first time you edit one wiki post.”

There are a few Wiki posts around here in the forum.


May be. The problem is that probably a number of people will not understand this concept of a wiki assembled of forum posts and that’s why they don’t read and don’t write there.

For me it’s pretty clear, wikis are editable topics that explain how to perform a specific task. The comments coming after the first post serve to improve the first one by providing new ideas, steps that would have been missed in the procedure. Everything is updated in the first post. :slight_smile:

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Well, what a Wiki is, is pretty well defined, e. g. here: Wiki - Wikipedia

Due to my job I don’t like things being titled erroneously, just because “it is such a cute word for it”. This behaviour is the seed for misunderstandings and endless unnecessary support tasks. Using a wrong term is not “cute” but rubbish.

Sorry for being so strict, but we have so many problems on this world - we should not mindlessly create more.


They’re called wikis because anyone with the priveledge can edit the post that has been set as a wiki. Because they are a wiki. It’s a function of the software.

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We find the category https://community.e.foundation/c/ewiki/131 to be admin controlled; in In the wiki section there are threads which are, I think, “Editable by Admin” only.

But we /e/ users are encouraged to Collaborate in the documentation

An “Editable by all” page can be authorised by an Admin. There has not been very much uptake for this in my time here, but there are some such pages when one explores carefully.



The forum SW may offer whatever privileges are possible and the admins may grant them to whom they want.
How ever those pages are editable then - they do not become a Wiki, because that is an entirely different technology. So don’t call it a Wiki.

I give up. Sigh.

You might have more luck at the source of the forum software (Discourse), because even if the forum category gets renamed here, the feature called Wiki post would still be provided all the same.



Other discourse forums use them, and they are wikis, editable by anyone. F-droid have a few of them, for example: Known Repositories - Wiki - F-Droid Forum

As an autor, you can ask @ Manoj or @ a regular user, to make your post editable as a wiki…

I did it for [HOWTO] an Unified Install Guide Project for /e/