Error verifying vbmeta on Galaxy S10

So I may have just bricked my Galaxy S10 :frowning: I followed the guide to unlock bootloder and tried installing TWRP for my Exynos SM-G973F but now it doesn’t boot and says
recovery: Error validating footer (0)
recovery: Error verifying vdmeta image: invalid vbmeta header (0)
VBMETA 6973FXXUFHVG4 54210170R

I have found some threads about Magisk, but I don’t know this and it’s beyond my experience yet. Any ideas please?

You must flash the twrp.img and vbmeta.img simultanly

[HOWTO] an Unified Install Guide Project for /e/

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well, so I have done it, held the buttons after clicking button start in Odin and it was a success - I got into TWRP, however now when I try to boot normally there is Samsung logo for about 15minutes already and nothing happens! :frowning:

Note that I didn’t plan to install /e/ yet. I just wanted to replace stock recovery with TWRP. So maybe I should have done this last thing they write there

  • In TWRP home screen press wipe - format data - yes
  • Download and flash multidisabler-samsung-3.* zip to disable security and encryption."

but why would I format data? I have already done some setup of the phone, so is it necessary? Or maybe I should delete some cache?

OK so I had done it - held voldown+power to reboot, then switched to hold volup+bixby+power to enter TWRP and I did format data. Then after reboot the phone came up and I gotta go through the setup again. Seems like installing TWRP cannot be done without wiping the phone?

Anyway I suggest someone should update the guide about this vbmeta.img as it is missing there

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