Essential Phone PH-1 'mata' - Pie build

As @Manoj pointed out in another thread if a particular device has Lineage 16.0 support then he suggested to raise a request for the OS upgrade. The more the users requests the better the chances of an upgrade, so here’s my vote for the Essential phone pie build.


I think /e/ shoud give the real (!) priority for Essential, as it was the phone given to super hero supporter (€2,048) of the initial Kickstarter eelo campaign (Jan 20 2018)


And already unofficial pie build (for e rom) is working almost flawlessly


Yes, i’m running an unofficial Pi/e/ build since 2 month on my mata.
Hop, will be an official support soon.

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Since I don’t use Pie on my other devices (multibooters) I would like to see official Pie for the Mata also.

Yeah i’m very tempted to just flash the unofficial pie rom

Of course :

Use at your own risk…

If I know it will get updates/security patches I would do it for sure.

You think it should be fine to dirty flash it? (will backup first of course)

Well. I use it every day on my mata.
Before to flash, be sure to have a pie firmware on your phone.


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Thanks @Unknown for the build. I’ll give it a go. Was on stock Pie for only a week after getting the phone before downgrading. Now I have an excuse to go back up.

Just not sure if I want to do Pie or Oreo (I see you provide both). I use Xposed and GravityBox on Nougat and am not a fan of Magisk (which I believe EdXposed requires). Eh, regardless, thanks.

@paco In your next release can you make essential camera app not a system app or remove it altogether? It contains 4 trackers :cry: apart from that the rom is :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:

Well… I don’t know why the stock camera app is on the build.
I think it’s a lineageos build issue.
I will investigate how to remove it from the build.