Essential to wind up

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For /e/ essential users we do not plan to drop it from the list of devices in fact we plan a Pie release for the mata and testing is due to start this week.


I have 2 Ph-1s and the phones are excellent hardware. I didn’t have issues that others complain about with this phone. One I bought new and the other one I used to teach myself some cell phone repair after someone sold me the phone knowing it was bricked.

Moving forward my plan I will be keeping one for myself to use /e/ and go back to stock android on the Pixel and use the Pixel just for a camera.

How is it possible to migrate the /e/ dev (nougat) for mata without an intermediate step to /e/ dev (oreo) immediately to a 9-a pie release - while with the Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge | herolte / hero2lte “a step-by-step process” must be done via 8-Oreo?

Yes! Thank you. I switched back to stock as I was getting tired of using 7.1 and while 10 is great. I’d be more than happy to go back to /e/ with android9

I look forward to it. Being stuck on nougat has kept me from using /e/ as my daily driver on my PH-1

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