Failure to install using the easy install for a one plus 8pro

I have been frustrated by being unable to use the easy installer for windows on a one plus 8 pro. I dont even get past the 3rd step when the program just fails on win 10 , then if I try again I am told by the program that I already have the newest program , the only way around this is to delete the program and download it again , so far it has been very frustrating. will I have to use the adb and old method of installing E on this phone ? has anyone managed to install this with the easy method ? is so How?

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I too am having the same problem. Easy installer just hangs when trying to install the necessary files. It’ll say “try again” I click on that and it does the same thing. I even tried on my other computer and it does the same.

@akal75, @JBerge, welcome both. There have been quite a lot of fails recorded under the hashtags of this thread Easy Installer and also easy-installer.

One of the most informative threads is Installer stops after downloading, no error or acknowledgement just a "Try again" button. This describes a workaround that works in some cases.

Common keywords reported are Try Again and checksum missmatch

Meanwhile on Gitlab, Issues Easy – Installer we see salient issues receiving attention over the past few days.

See if you can add information to the issue applying to you.

Many have found that following the command line instructions is less frustrating right now.

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