Fairphone 4 - root with the community /e/OS build

Hi all,
I would like to ask about your experience with rooting the /e/OS community build (see https://images.ecloud.global/dev/FP4/).
Is it possible to simply root the FP4 phone after installing the community/development build of /e/OS?
I mean, is it possible to enable root in this build without installing Magisk?

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you should get adb-root by default

Hmm… That’s not a solution.
Full root is needed because applications that need root are used.

You might find this topic useful

Notice how this support topic also warns against root without prior knowledge https://doc.e.foundation/fr/support-topics/root-e-os.

Please be sure to check out this forum search for root /e/OS + Faiphone.

Not average user. Many applications I’m using on another rooted Android/LineageOS devices need root.
/e/OS needs rooting in some use cases. There is no difference between /e/OS, Android and LineageOS.

So it seems, the only rooting method is Magisk today…

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Rooting the FP4 with /e/OS and open bootloader is possible. MagisK opens up numerous possibilities with its Magisk modules