Fairphone 4 with /e/OS v1.2 can't write system profile data to NFC tag

first of all, I’m very pleased with this OS working so well and I appreciate the work.

I just wanted to create a “system profile” for automating, when I’m in my car, I don’t need device lock and don’t want to enter the PW or put my finger on the fingerprint reader while I’m in the car - obviously I only use my phone when parking :wink:
I have bought some NFC Tags (NTAG216 888 Byte) which work for Wifi connections and whole lotta other stuff, but I can’t configure them as a trigger for my “CAR” system profile.

What I do:
I’ll activate NFC. When I touch tag with phone it makes a sound, clearly indicating it was read.
I’ll go to Android settings → system → system profiles → “car” -profile → under section “triggers” I click on “NFC”.
The description says I should just touch it now with the tag - what I’ve done and the sound’s audible, but nothing happens…
when I return to another menu and push the tag to my phone again, it shows me that almost blank screen - it always shows - saying nothing more than “new tag read” and “empty tag”.

anyone else with this problem?
anyone able to help?

Best regards

I tried a restart, but now my phone does not come up anymore :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
It starts, I try to unlock it with my PW, but it gets interrupted and a loading screen now will never stop (over 20min now) saying “smartphone is starting”

I think I have to raise a ticket now :frowning:

Note that


are both very old version of /e/OS (20 months), you’d better upgrade to curent


oh sorry, I guessed 1.2 would indicate 1.20 - but I am up to date - the current version of my /e/OS build is actually 1.20-s[…]