Fairphone camera 3 vs 3+

Good Day
did anybody gain some experience regarding the picture quality of the new camera sensor? I was not able to find a usable comparison between the two camera models (sample pictures).
The reason I am asking is I am planning to look for a really good camera phone next year. So is it worth upgrading to Fp3+ or should I go for a new phone, like Pixel 5, OP9?
In the Fairphone forum are some complains about the new camera, people reporting that the picture quality did not improve at all with the new cameras.
Are there any sample pitures about FP3+ pictures vs Pixel 5, OP8 or similar? that would be great.

@88250 Yes, see: Anyone can tell me their experiences about FP3+? - /e/ Devices / Fairphone - /e/ community

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