[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Nextcloud app store

Feature proposal: to make it possible for users of /e/ to install all Nextcloud apps in their /e/ cloud.


Which apps are you talking about? Could you please help me understand? Thanks.

Yes !
This is a great point.

  • maps
  • collabora / only office
  • after logic / mail
  • mind map
  • deck

Here are some useful apps that could be added. :slight_smile:


The NextCloud apps do indeed open a wide number of options but from the implementation point of view we also need to test them out first - see if it does not break any of the current implementation. We are working on some of the features that come with NextCloud for example
This and also the point that we need to find developers who can take this up along with the current load of bugs already existing in the system :frowning:


You can install any apps you want if you install ecloud selfhosting.

But it is not possible for normal users to install apps in Nextcloud, only admins can do that. So if you want any additional apps on ecloud.global, you need to make a request for us to install it (and we have to decide if it makes sense).


Maybe we could try a poll about it.
First of all if we the users would like to add apps, and if yes, which apps.

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Well if there is any particular app that you want, I suggest opening a thread on the forum about it.

I think one of the strengths of nextcloud is the app ecosystem so I would be for a way to make general access to that possible, instead of us requesting individual apps. This would allow /e/ cloud users to also use and test newer, yet unknown, apps in the nextcloud app store.

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