[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Pre install a QR code reader app


the open camera app seems not to be able to read QR codes (or is it?).
A fully functional mobile operating system should IMHO be able to read QR codes out of the box.
How about pre installing a QR Code reader app on /e/OS?

Or is /e/OS already able to read QR codes out of the box and I just did not understand how to do it?

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As long as it is impossible to deinstall pre-installed apps I would prefer to have as little apps as possible. So everyone is able to choose the app thats functional range fits for her/him.
I use “SecScanQR” from F-Droid which is open source and slim, it can scan but also generate QR-Codes: SecScanQR | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository


The second point is: I think it’s better for privacy if the photo app is an offline app,

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QR code scanner is “bloat ware” for me. The /e/ ROM is already too big for some devices. We should be removing unnecessary, nonessential app, not adding them.

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I looked into the backlog what it says… the question is - how much Code is it to support qrcodes in OpenCamera. Even feature full qrcode readers have a small install footprint (Binary Eye → 6M packed, 17M installed)

For what it’s worth, CCTG got its own integrated QR code reader recently, so it seems doable.

I’m totally with you.
Just a QR code scanner is an app that 50% of users never need.
This is a classic example of keep it simple and stupid.
An OS should only contain the core components and load all other apps in the user space as third party apps.
Otherwise, you can never please everyone anyway.
Ideally, if you dedicate it to /e/OS, even there the non-core components should be uninstallable. And out of the system and not as adb commands.

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If you use the app, then yes. But many people only use the CovPass app and not the spy app. I am also one of them. :wink:


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Even if you don’t use the App for whatever off-topic reason, it still is an Open Source project which added a QR code reader, so somebody did it, and the code should be out there.


Just for clarification: My proposal was NOT to include QR code scanning in open camera, but to include an extra app that is able to scan QR codes. Remember the unix philosophy, do one thing and do it right.

yes this needs clarifying. When I commented I looked at the already present backlog issues, one being the OpenCamera suggestions, but I didn’t want to derail the discussion. Standalone has the best outlook.

While looking at currently available foss qrcode scanners, all used zxing.core for the qrcode part, but varied in integration and modernness of UI. The older zxing client still has the best Android integration in terms of url schemes it understands and mere utility, you can use it to scan or share Contacts or open Wifis qrcodes. BinaryEye has the better UI and uses more recent Android UI elements that weren’t around when zxing.client was released, but has currently less URI integration.

When default apps can be removed not only via adb but the Launcher too this will maybe defuse the discussion on what are sensible default apps. For me QR Codes are just too useful and ROM size usage is in case of the zxing client below a megabyte.

You can use this logic for a number of features that some people see as “too useful”, and your ROM ends up bloated. /e/ OS is already too big (IMHO :wink: ) so no need to add more “features”. We should be looking to reduce the number of default / system apps, not increase them


scanning barcodes is utility, not bloat. You have a camera with attached cpu and battery, and can transfer a lot of bytes via optical link. It can be had starting at 700kb (uncompressed numbers) of more ROM size. Your reply is “bloat” for additional default apps, but what is your argument concerning a qrcode reader and generator? I outlined some use-cases in the issue that have merit

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That is your opinion. My opinion differs :slight_smile:

no, it literally is utility. Like a can opener? before being unimportant to you personally, it is a capability.

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Sure, agreed, so as an alternative to having all these apps in the stock /e/ maybe /e/ could provide a list of “suggested apps” for new users. Like after /e/ is installed you might get a popup saying visit this page of suggested apps, or tick these boxes to also installs these apps that will help you with X,Y,Z. Would be especially helpful for people who are moving from apple to /e/, or even from android to /e/, or dont know about Apps or F-droid, or who just aren’t tech savy…

Otherwise new users to /e/ might end of not that impressed with it. It’s about improving the /e/ experience so that /e/ can grow.


I think this is a really excellent idea!