Feedback for v1.11

That would really be very helpful.
I can hardly use my device at the moment, don’t have the option of permanent charging.

Flashing 1.10 over 1.11 is not recommended?

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/e/ generally don’t release ‘hotfixes’

Okay, that means the problem will persist for at least about 3- 4 weeks, right?

Strange, I have no update for mine.

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May be you own a Murena pre-installed S9+, and thus are running a “stable” version rather than a “dev” one like me ? (don’t know if this difference exists, or if it can explain, though)

I have read here that you can downgrade to a previous /e/OS version by flashing its ZIP in recovery mode. This is more or less what I did, but together with a factory reset, so it wasn’t a real “dirty flash”.
Still, you should definitely make a backup beforehand of all your data… and be aware that you still do it at your own risk.
EDIT: Maybe another user has more experience with downgrades/rollbacks? You may also search the forum (or the internet) and see whether you find more information about rollbacks.

The development team has requested for more details on the issue.

Do you mean that?

Do you use Murena cloud ?
How many third apps do you have?
Bluethooth is connected over night on a watch or something else?

You can add the details to the issue on gitlab plus any other information you can share.

yes, i think so. And the image page does not show this version.
So I have to wait :smiley:

GS290 (from murena store)
Android 11, /e/ OS version 1.10-r-20230412278811-stable-GS290
Not rooted (I assume)

I usually get an OTA update towards the end of the release period. I have been hitting refresh repeatedly for the past couple of days, and have switched phone off/on several times also. Tried turning data off/on. Nothing has shown up, still on v.1.10. Have I managed to miss an announcement?

Also, may I confirm here that version ‘r’ is the last for GS290? I didn’t think I’d even get that so I am very happy (thank you murena team!), but It would be good to know for certain.

Newb here btw, not just to this forum but to joining in social media in general - please forgive any faux pas/vast technical ignorance :frowning:

You can’t downgrade to a previous version without factory reset, because you can’t sideload a .zip with Android security patches (let’s call this asp here) that are older than the ones currently installed.
For exemple, with the 1.10, you have the asp until March
With the 1.11, you have the asp until April

Therefore, you cannot go from 1.11 to 1.10.

I don’t remember where I had this info, but this thread is a good explanation though :

Edit : One workaround, for someone with an A/B partition phone, is to switch the current active partition (from A->B or B->A) (I don’t know anything about OnePlus phones, but it seems they implemented the A/B partition with the OnePlus 6). In a A/B partition device, you have two system partitions. One is active and the other is inactive. When you perform an OTA, the inactive partition is ‘filled’ with the update, and when the phone reboots, the updated partition is now active, and the previously running partition is set inactive. But the data remains. Therefore, you can use a command line to switch the active and inactive partition and restore a previous update without flashing or sideloading a thing. Data should be there, because they share a totally different partition that the system access no matter you are on A or B partition.

I did it once, but I do not guarantee anything, so, do (always) perform a backup first.

Better explanations with schemes :
Tutorial for users who wants to switch the active partition :

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I see Samsung S9+ V1.11 is out. I don’t see it on my two phones, I keep refreshing. Anything I can try?


See above Feedback for v1.11 - #64 by jpmeuret

Did you update from or to 1.10? Haven’t seen 1.11 for FP3 so far…

and as for @confused not for my S7 SM-G930F either

From 1.10 to 1.11. Are you on dev, too? It’s not out there yet for stable.

2 Likes … 1.11 for FP3. … note the current difference.

Explanation …

Of interest …

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That explains it. 12345

Updates for my Samsung S9+ s have appeared. One updated fine (other will be done later).

Never noticed this after an update before -