Few questions about eOS

Hello guys, I’ve been using eOS on my spare N7100 for a while and I appreciate the work that has been done. But, before replacing my main OS I’d like to ask a few questions which I can’t seem to find any answers anywhere. Sorry if these have been asked before!

1- Google dropped support of Nougat. How can you still provide security patches to it? Don’t believe me on this; check this out

2- On N7100, several apps are crashing such as Protonmail, Myfitnesspal, Gmail, Strong. What can we do about it?

3- Why did you make Bliss launcher like iPhone?

  1. Perhaps because it is agreeable ?..
    Or for the same reason as KDE on PC : to welcome defectors in an environment they are familiar with ?
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I didn’t like it, but hey! This is the wonderful world of AOSP! You can just install another to customize your phone! :slight_smile:

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1 - I believe they said they’re backporting the security fixes to Nougat. There are talks about upgrading Nougat devices to newer Android versions.
2 - If you’re sure this is not related to YOUR phone, fill bug reports. This is a Beta OS, it’s not supposed to be perfectly stable.
3 - Because regular users/normies (the main targets of /e/) don’t want to learn how to use new stuff. So I guess they went with something people are familiar with, still while being different from classic Android launchers. It takes a few clicks to get rid of, if you don’t like it.


Yes BUT…
With OpenLauncher as default, Bliss launcher stay tuned despite all data access disabled and without any authorization*. Some apps call it anyway, so the usual launcher fails. For example, I can’t create an “unfreeze and launch” link for sheltered apps…

Perhaps /e/OS V1 will be more tolerant with interface’s customizations (now Bliss is still a non-removable app).


  • I had visited all the “non-root” config. “Force stop” don’t solve, nor creating Shelter’s unfreeze-links in Bliss before installing OpenLauncher…

Yeah, actually you’re right.
I had the exact same thought about the email app.
Why can’t we disable stock apps like we can at least do with Google’s…?

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You can remove whatever stock apps you want with TWRP as shown here.
Takes a few pushes and swipes.
Just make sure to delete the right ones and make a backup just in case.
Personally, I got rid of Bliss Launcher, Apps, Browser, FMradio, LibreOffice Viewer, Message, PDF Viewer, MagicEarth and Weather that way.

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You can.

I also dont get the Bliss Launcher. One of the worst launchers ever.

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Hey guys!

Yes, I know about TWRP manual uninstall. :slight_smile:
But I was talking about

In app information page, you should be able to disable stock apps (without manual / root uninstallation). Without that, it’s actually not that simple to use another mail app, for exemple. You have to disable the sync option in the /e/ mail app settings…
Not that hard, but not very user friendly neither!

1- LineageOS

2- 2012 phone

3- A theme, icons shape, you don’t seem to like makes it an iPhone, really ?

Whoa… @blaes

LineageOS dropped support of 14.1, which is Nougat, haven’t you checked?

So, 2012 phone, really? That is your arguement? FYI in LOS 16 there is no crash or anything so it is clearly eOS issue.

Finally, last question is meaningless. If I like iPhone, I would have bought an iPhone instead of S9.

So you are saying normies are able flash a custom ROM but unable use a launcher like Trebuchet?

Don’t make me say what I did not say.
Gaël Duval said in numerous interviews that /e/'s main target are normies that care about privacy.
They won’t likely install the rom themselves and will buy a device with /e/ pre-installed and feel familiar with its launcher.
You don’t need a PHD to use a launcher. Still, people are reluctant to change their habitudes.

Sadly you cannot run /e/OS on the iPhone witch are very good hardware,
so buy a Samsung is a good solution.

That’s the plan.

LineageOS kept backporting AOSP security updates for lineage 14.1 until last month. So you didnt check.

Yeah an old LOS 16 no longer maintained for your phone including random crash, wifi and compass not working.

And again, sure, a theme, icons shape must make it IOS, obviously.

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