FP2 - ready for daily use?


would you recommend (apart from the absence of Google) switching a FairPhone2 which currently runs quite well under FairPhone OS over to the current /e/ – taking into account that this is my only smartphone (rather than just a “toy” for experimenting with)? If not: what are your major concerns?

I am familiar with TWRP, flashing, …, so it’s not the installation which needs to run perfectly clean; I just want to avoid the hassle of changing the OS and re-installing/-configuring all apps and then find that the phone shows too many instabilities.


Hi, the OS itself is in a good condition. I’m using it more than a year on my daily driver (Xiaomi) without any issue. Same on my testing devices (Xiaomi and OPO).
You can check the forum for issues: https://community.e.foundation/search?q=fp2

I think, if you really want leaving goolag, you can swap to eOS. But keep in mind, not all apps are working on eOS, or better without original goolag services

I came from FP2 LineageOS 16.0 for microG. Since 3 months with /e/OS with MicroG.

Status: Rooted with Magisk
Appstore: F-Droid & Aurorastore

All apps I already used with LineageOS 16.0 for MicroG are still running without problems.

only one minus point: Battery drains 50 % empty within 6 hours without doing anything except auto sync

FP2 still my only daily driver :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your reply. The fact that the operating system in general is in good shape sounds promising. And I believe, I can live with a limited set of supported applications.

However, my main concern was the state with respect to FP2 support (i.e. device specific drivers etc).

Thank you for the hint that the battery drainage also affects the FP2 (not only the FP3). I assume your battery lasted longer when you were still using LineageOS, right?

Let’s hope this gets resolved soon…

Just for the record:
My Fairphone 2 doesn’t suffer from such battery drainage, it behaves the same with /e/ as with LineageOS for microG before.
And the drain I had on my Fairphone 3 can be considered a rather mild case when compared to losing 50% battery in 6 hours.
So I would be hesitant to lump every drain together as the same phenomenon. 50% in 6 hours sounds extreme when not doing much.

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I’ve been using a FP2 with /e/ for almost 3 months and I like it. It is a little glitchy but way better than using the FairPhone OS! I usually get at least 24 hours out of a charge (charging from around 10% to 90% to protect the battery) with moderate use (reading ebooks or the news, WhatsApp, the occasional video).

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I use my FP2 for both professional and presonal use (with 2 different sim cards) and there is no major problem. Random reboots are gone and there is no big battery drain.
As my phone is rooted, i used titanium backup to re-install my apps.
I don’t make many photos with it so I can’t tell if there is a quality gap with the standard app.
IMHO, it’s more usable than my previous FP Open OS installation.


Does that mean that you can create a Titanium backup of all the apps while still using FairPhoneOS (which is Android 7.1.2) and then successfully restore the backup on /e/ (which is to my knowledge some 9.x for the FP2)? That would be great.

Yes I did a backup of all user apps (not system apps) and restored it. By then, it was the nougat version (0.7 if I remember well).

I would recommend using the penultimate update, I’ve been getting a lot of bugs with the latest one (6th Aug).