FP3 - No OTA-Update from 1.17s-dev to 1.19t-dev

My FP3, running on 1.17-s-20231111351092-dev-FP3, doesn’t find the OTA-update to 1.19t-dev.
It’s also not possible to update the phone via ADB-sideload. What am I doing wrong?

It can’t. You are on the dev release channel, and this is an upgrade from Android 12 (S) to Android 13 (T).
There is no OTA upgrade yet, this will have to be specially prepared by the developers (current status for FP3: to be planned). And even when it might arrive, OTA upgrades are only made available on the stable release channel, not on dev (also see given link before).
You will have to upgrade manually.

It is, unofficially. Several users have successfully done so, but for this you need an install file which can be installed via ADB sideload (which is not the file format on the image download pages, because the official way to install on the Fairphone 3/3+ is different as per official install instructions), see here …


As the FP3 is my old phone (my main phone is the FP4) I installed iodé last weekend and so far it looks good and seems to work well.

As I stated in another thread, after the last update on my FP4 (I AGAIN lost all my data during this update) I was not able to lock the bootloader again. Additionally I’m waiting for the next update (my FP4 is on 1.17-t-stable and the adroid security-patch is from last october!).

I am a little bit disappointed by /e/OS and I’m considering to change to iodé with my FP4, too.


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