FP3 Update available

My device tells me there is an update available. What’s in it? I can’t find a changelog. The changelog entry in the updater is causing an error.

The changelogs are being updated to release notes which will be in a more understandable format instead of the current cryptic logs. This issue of changelogs not working is across all devices. We expect it to be resolved this week with modifications to the builds system.


Thanks for the information, those are good signs. :slight_smile:

You said at some point you were planning monthly FP3 updates. Then this is something special (no month over), I’m interested in what has been changed.

Well, one noteable change is that LiveDisplay now obviously works. But I would be interested in reading a comprehensive changelog as well. :slight_smile:

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Yes, Live display is working. Happy with that !
Panorama pictures are still crashing Open Camera.

@Manoj: Could you please provide us the exact change logs that would be normally displayed on the Fairphone 3, please? I’m grateful of your extraordinary support. :slight_smile:

I can’t see any change logs as you mentioned.

I checked with the build team on the changelogs. Also mentioned that it was a bit difficult to figure out what has gone in a particular release as the links are broken. The response was that the next set of builds should have the links corrected. Should have more update on Monday as to when the build with the corrected changelogs could be available.


Thank you for your fast response, Manoj even it is Saturday.

The update went smoothly. Thank you.

The latest update (20200610) went smoothly again! Well done! Changelog would be nice tough. It might help to appreciate the update even more :slight_smile:

The changelogs should be available from the next weeks on builds.


When exactly, can you say a date? The changelogs are broken since at least middle of March, that’s how long I know about it. Since then you always say the next weeks the new one will come.

We have the same set of folks working on multiple issues because of which some tasks slip. Today when I checked the status when the changelog fix would be released, this is the response I got ,pasting the exact same words here
…’ In the next monthly update, which would be released next week’
That effectively means it should be available in the OTA builds mid of next week.


Very good. Thank you very much.

Can you say what is updated?

Update to 20200611 worked out fine. Microphone bug weithin telephone apps fixed. Mich appreciated this one.


The update went smoothly yesterday. Thanks.

Works for me.

Oh, it seems to have been fixed in exactly that update. I tried checking the changelog before I updated to see what I was getting into. I will delete my previous post.

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Ah, that makes sense, I had a look afterwards.