G7 River has Voicemail keyboard issue since 0.18-20210827132307 update

My wife is running a Moto G7 River on /e/os. Since the most recent update (0.18-20210827132307) when she dials her voicemail the dialpad changes and the numbers disappear and are replaced by only the letters for the number locations. The + is present where the 0 (zero) position and the asterisk and hash locations are blank. When entering her passcode she can successfully do that and the correct numbers are displayed upon entry for each of the positions. Has anyone run across this and have a fix or is this going to have to be addressed by the devs?

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Is it similar to this issue ?

Seems like /e/ devs relased a new ROM for Android R, but not Q : /e/ image ROM download
You may ask here for status update.

It sounds like the same issue. I will check the phone this evening.