Galaxy A3 pie or oreo

Hi all, I have a question regarding the /e/ build for the Samsung galaxy A3. On the /e/ install page for this device, it reads that the /e/ build is oreo. However, on the lineageos page, it reads that the only version that is supported is 16, which is pie if I am not mistaken.
I thought /e/ was based on Lineageos, so why this difference? And is it possible to make a pie version? (I would prefer pie :)!)

Hi @Rik, the /e/OS download page for the A3 is here. The url you are referring to is from Lineage. If 16.0 works on the device then there would be an upgrade. Only need more users to request for it.

Hi @Manoj, I am confused :). I knew the link was to the lineageos site for this device. My point is that that site mentions that only Lineageos 16 is supported. That is Pie. However, the /e/ page for this device lists oreo as the version that is supported. So my question is: how is this possible, because I thought /e/ builds were based on lineageos builds! (+ it would be nice if there could be a Pie build for this device)

Hi @Rik, to explain the process - If you check the LineageOS supported devices list you will see there is a check box on top for discontinued devices. If you select that a lot more names pop up. The difference between /e/ and Lineage when it comes to building is Lineage depends on individuals called device maintainers who make their builds. When these maintainers move out - device lost, no time to build or what ever reason, support for the devices stops. These Lineage device maintainers are also responsible for fixing bugs in their ROM’s. A Lineage Device maintainer stopping ROM building does not mean that the source code for that particular device is not available on the LOS github. Those who build ROM’s would better understand this point. We can still build ROM’s using LOS code for unsupported devices. Here I mean pure LOS builds - you can still build them with LOS code even after the device official support is stopped.

On the /e/ side we do have device maintainers but they do not fix defects. For defect fixing we have a dedicated development team. Also the /e/ OS experience is the same across all devices. We have a build infrastructure that takes care of the builds for all devices. If a device maintainer stops working with /e/ we still continue the build process. Also we have started porting /e/ to device not in the Lineage supported list. For e.g. Essential which was in the first set of devices supported by /e/ was not on the LOS list at that point of time.

On Pie builds for your device ‘the standard response’ as you may know is if there are many users asking for the upgrade then it would be done.

hee Manoj, thanks for the explanation, but i still don’t understand: how come the Android version of this phone on LineageOS is Pie and on /e/ is Oreo? Since /e/ is built upon LineageOS, should not the version of /e/ always be the same as the LineageOS version? thanks, Rik

Not necessary. We have still not upgraded the device files while lineage may have gone ahead. The Oreo source or even nougat files would still be available for the device.
For e.g. check the drop down for branch here this is one of the device maintainers for tissot for LineageOS. He maintains 15.1, 16.0 and 17.0 (Q). You can build which ever branch you want.

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ok I understand now, thanks and sorry

Did you see your phone is available for an /e/ test build?

thanks! yes i saw, already using it!

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