Galaxy S4 Mini compatibility - different model number

I have an old S4 mini which is a different model from the one in the supported devices list - SCH-I435, versus GT-I9192 in the list. According to, the two are virtually identical. They use the same processor. The I435 has one SIM and 16 GB ROM, vs.2 SIMs and 8 GB in the 9192. The I435 is rooted, if that matters.

Given how similar the two models are, should I be able to install /e/ OS on my I435 using the instructions for the 9192?
– Oobleck

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Hi @oobleck welcome to the /e/ forum. To try to resolve the “virtually identical” issue please try to find the device codename of your phone. You require a matching codename to install /e/. You could first try to install the AIDA64 app and / or read this [HOWTO] Find device codename.

It look like your device is not similar to the dual sim 3g GT-I9192 serranodsdd,
but a LTE verizon variant, codename serranoltevzw,

it could be unsupported by the serranoltexx unified build codename, as serranoltexx is designed for 8GB only internal storage, it is not the same as your’s

Edit : from /e/build metadata :
serranoltexx = serranolte + serranoltebmc + serranoltektt

Thanks for the reply.
ADB reports the codename is serranoltevzw. It was originally from verizon, but unlocked when I bought it.

I just found this on Reddit:
“The Verizon S4 Mini (SCH-i435) has a completely locked down bootloader. There is no getting around that.”
Am I right in thinking that makes it impossible to install /e/?

– oobleck

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Yes, carrier unlocked, but bootloader unlockable

Thanks for your help!
– oobleck

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