Galaxy S9+ ‘star2lte’ /e/OS ‘Q’ dev AOSP Android 10

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I don’t know if this authoritative but:

But I appear to be one of many with Error 1.

I don’t know enough to believe or refute what you say but does it mean anything that my S9 is an SM-960F purchased from the foundation and that I’m installing G960FXXSBETH2_G960FOXJBETH2_SFR (from via Odin 3.14.4 and that my TWRP recovery is twrp-3.5.2_9-0-starlte.img.tar?

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You got a European phone which has got round the USA cartel.

Things changed with pie, so do not rely on old stuff if thinking of upgrading to Android 10.

IMHO Android 10 mostly introduces increased “security” for them. What do you feel it will give you?

Hi @Kritischer . @aibd is having some fun. I am a newb compared to him. I have a couple of these star2lte’s up on Q but what a nightmare to get them there.

Can you tell me what your current RMM status is?

The reason I ask is after getting /e/Oreo installed (unlocked bootloader and TWRP installed) I had to flash a stock Q ROM. After doing this my RMM went back to “Prenormal” but I was able to get it to “Checking” after connecting the device to the internet and let the device connect to the Knox servers. From this point I enabled debugging and successfully sideloaded /e/ dev Q via TWRP & adb. I think you are almost there too simply because from my experience, once you get the bootloader unlocked and TWRP installed the RMM did not return to “Prenormal” permanently even after the flash from /e/Oreo to stock Q ROM.

Have you tried backing up then doing a clean install from the stock QROM > /e/Q, wiping /system, /data, /cache before the sideload?

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No, I don’t recall ever using this. Try without using it. I would try a fresh sideload after Factory Reset , then Format data / factory reset then wipe /system, /data, /cache

You can encrypt the phone from the Trust functionality in /e/ after flashed.

When I get home later I can check what TWRP version I used if needed, let me know if you need this.

Please assume I need this… if only for a sanity check.

I’ve been doing this over an over again doing things slightly different.

I have not done a factory reset at all during this… so that’s something new to try. I’m so ignorant though… when you do a factory reset where does it load the firmware from? Since I loaded a stock Q rom would that be loaded or would the original /e/ oreo version be installed? I’m assuming there is a partition for factory reset.

Sorry, all these commands are done inside TWRP just before the sideload. I assume what you are saying is a “factory reset” from inside the OS.

All these steps are to be done in TWRP right before you sideload /e/Q ROM via adb👇Ensure you are on a stock Android 10/Q ROM and you have USB debugging enabled in developer options before proceeding.

  1. Boot into TWRP. Now tap Wipe.
  2. Now tap Format Data and continue with the formatting process by typing “yes”. This will remove encryption and delete all files stored in the internal storage.
  3. Return to the previous menu and tap Advanced Wipe, then select the Cache, data and System partitions and then Swipe to Wipe.
  4. Sideload the /e/Q ROM .zip package:
  • On the device, select “Advanced”, “ADB Sideload”, then swipe to begin sideload.
  • On the host machine, sideload the package using: adb sideload

That’s it👆, done.

The TWRP on my star2lte’s is 3.5.2_9-0

I am in business! Thank you beyond thank you.