Galaxy S9 'starlte' + /e/OS 'Q' dev AOSP Android 10

Strange, it says OEM unlocking is activated. Though I’m now wondering if it truly is activated. When I first factory reset the phone, and enabled developer mode the OEM unlocking option didn’t show up at all (not even greyed out) until I inserted my sim card into the phone. And now even after re-flashing the Android 10 firmware it is still doing the same thing.

I’ll re-flash again and possibly try to downgrade to 8 or 9 if that is even possible

According to Samsung’s will, this will no longer be possible …

That sucks.

I wonder if it is the security patch that was released February 1, 2021 that’s causing the issues with the flashing of twrp


This operation fails with message on your S9 display:

What are the numbers for °° and ¹¹ ?

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Ignore this…complete waste of time or at least doesn’t apply to this Android 10. One odd thing I just noticed is that enabling or disabling OEM unlocking forces a data wipe of the phone but keeps the developer options enabled. I don’t remember this happening when I did the install on my phone

Sorry,my replay was fagged because I posted a link to something I was reading about Samsung’s Vaultkeeper that I thought was the issue but it was a waste of time.
Anyway when I tried to install the SBETH2 version of the firmware that my phone uses rather than the SEFAU1 firmware for this phone, the SW REV. CHECK FAIL (BOOTLOADER) DEVICE: °° . BINARY: ¹ says

Been going through a few sites of the past few hours, and I just noticed while watching a video posted on xda-devs that the Bootloader on the phone has a Prenormal RMM State and the KS State says checking while on my phone there is no RMM State. On both phones OEM Lock and FRP Lock are off. I’ll presumably have to wait 7 days with my sim card in the phone to get rid of the prenomal. I guess

There is a lot of nonsense or guidance for older OS versions on the WWW. Samsung in particular has made a lot of changes with each version release, and with Android 10 in particular, so the old tricks no longer work these days.

This means that the stock Android ROM you want to flash has a binary 11, while the S9 has a binary 14. Samsung usually doesn’t allow you to flash to a lower binary than the one present in your device.

If your S9 had the firmware G960FXXSEFUA1 installed, a doengrade to Android 10 is G960FXXSBETH2 is no longer possible. Samsung has deliberately installed a bootloader lock here. Only the SEFAU1 version can be flashed again.

Tip: First install a completely new Stock Sndroid 10 G960FXXSEFUA1 and reboot the system with it.

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Thanks for this very informative thread. I’ve attempted the process myself, however I am having issues with heimdall. I’ve downloaded rom files from samfrew as recommended, however when flashing them with heimdall the process always gets stuck on odm.img . Any idea what I could do?

@pierrel, problems are so that they are solved. So let’s start with basics.

A correctly installed Heimdall tool works under Linux as reliably as Obin 3 under Windows.

Heimdall under a Linux derivative should be created as up-to-date as possible ~ Build Heimdall

Check your stock Android 10 for your SM-G960F* to make sure hardware and firmware match.

See you.

Hi @SuzieQ and thanks for your help ,

I’ve just build the latest version of Heimdall myself (instead of using the version from the arch linux repo) and the same error occurs:

Uploading ODM
ERROR: Failed to send file part packet!
ERROR: ODM upload failed!

Ending session…
ERROR: Failed to send end session packet!
Releasing device interface…

I am not sure what you mean by your last sentence, is it something I should check on the device itself?

So I sort of fixed my issue by reinstalling /e/ through the easy installer. That however got me 8.1.0 and not Q as expected, but at least I am able to use my device.

Probably won’t try this again anytime soon but who knows. I would still be curious to know if you had an idea of why it was not working for me.

@pierrel, that is anything but satisfactory.
Stock Android 10 on the S9 is already first class. However, CustomROMs like LineageOS (support now discontinued), iodè 10 and /e/ OS ‘Q’ Android 10 are the better choice for me. A return to /e/ OS 'O’reo is absolutely out of the question for me. That /e/ after all these weeks is still not able to let the /e/asy installer install a /e/OS ‘Q’ ROM is more than poor.

The same situation was with /e/ asy installer and Gigaset GS290 until a few days ago. The problem was fixed after weeks. Without me knowing, it can be assumed that the S9 /S9+ installation problem will also be fixed at some point. Until then, you must manage to upgrade your S9 to Stcok Android 10.

Only when a stock Android 10 is functional on your S9 will it be possible to install a CustomROM ‘10’ aka /e/ OS ‘Q’. For the sake of testing, I’m already running an experimental LineagsIS 18.1 (Android 11) and a GSI AOSP 11, which shows what’s possible and what we’ll still have a lot of fun with our S9 / S9+.

Still, it is the way it is - because the /e/ team doesn’t change anything. As a Windows and Odin user, I’ve not yet encountered your ERROR: Failed to send end session packet!, but brief research shows that this ERROR in connection with Heimdall goes back to the 2014 years.

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@SuzieQ I definitely share your sentiment here, especially as someone who purchased the phone through the /e/ store in part to avoid these issues. I’m also quite relieved to have gotten my phone back to a functional state, even if it’s 8.1.0 (it was my first time tinkering with this so there was no guarantee I’d fix it).

I don’t have access to a Windows machine right now but when I do I’ll try Odin (I’ve switched my computer to linux around the same time I switched to /e/). I’ve also tried the previous security patch for Android Q on the S9 in case this version was corrupted in some way (although that’s unlikely). Just to be sure, does it matter which region I download the ROM for ? (got XEF since I live in France but maybe it needs to match hardware in some way).

No @pierrel,
region codes (XEF, SFR FTM, BOG) aren’t a decisive criterion. Nevertheless, the ROM applicable to your region helps to have all modem pararmeters (LTE, 3G, 2G) available. XEF is absolutely fine.

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“ERROR: Failed to send file part packet!” at a specific non-zero point each time… Reminds me of the problem I’m currently trying to solve… Did you ever find an explanation for that ?

Hi, sorry no I never found a fix, I stopped trying after a while to not brick my device since this is my main device

Best of luck finding a solution!

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Thanks, I’ll report back here if I get to the bottom of that !

One possible reason for this error (and from your other post @liotier

ERROR: RADIO upload failed!)

might be that the downloaded Samsung firmware image is not an exact match with the device and region.