Gallery and file locations

Hi all

Just got my Galaxy S8 with /e/. I like it… but i got a huge issue:

The Gallery doesn’t show anything. So I installed the simple gallery from f-droid. There i can see all pictures i took with the open camera.

But apps can’t access to them. For example when I want to send a photo via Signal messenger (by clicking to the + symbol in signal) i can’t see any photos.

Same for the Synology app “DS Photo”. I can’t upload photos to my NAS because no photos show up.

The photos I took have this file location:

I don’t use an external SD card. just the internal storage.

Anyone have a clue why these apps can’t see the local photos?


Hej @Bolo, we’re talking Gallery version v 6.14.9 Pro, right?

Have you already “played” around with the extensive settings, e.g. Manage hidden folders - Show hidden items?

Hi archje

for the standard gallery which is showing nothing:
v 1.1.40030

for the simple gallery app i installed via f-droid:
v 6.14.9

apps like Signal or the DS Photo seem to not look at the right locations. The simpleGallery is ok, i can see all images in there. But for example Signal: When I try to add a photo to a conversation, just a black screen appears, nothing to chose.

Hhm, …?!

Have you ever tried Langis: Signal without G°°gle Play Services support


I downloaded signal without g… here:
Don’t get me wrong. Signal was just an example. I can work around it in signal by chosing “add file” instead of “add photo” to a chat… then i’m able to chose the folders i want.

But in the app “DS Photo” I can’t. I got the options:
Phone Gallery
Phone Videos
Take Photo
Take Video

When I click on “phone gallery” the black screen with no images opens… i can’t tell the app where it should look for photos…
It looks like this strange pre-installed gallery app messes it up !?

I made the gallery3d completely ineffective. Try them out too!


how do i have to do it? :thinking:

ps: sehe grad, dass du auch deutsch sprichst… können also auch switchen :wink:

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@Bolo, das wird im englischsprachigen Teil des /e/ Forums nicht gerne gesehen. Wir können im /e/ forum auf Deutsch soviel auf deutsch quatschen wie wir wollen …

macht sinn :wink:
ich eröffne gerne den thread neu in deutsch und lösche diesen hier…