Gallery app Lag

I have noticed in later releases of /e/ that the built-in gallery app has been performing poorly. Image thumbnails takes several minutes to appear and apparently the app may or not recognize the image directory. This is particularly annoying when trying to upload images across apps.

Has anyone found a cause or workaround.
I use a Moto G7 River device on v1.7 dev-S

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Be patient, it is worked on or install Simple Gallery Pro

I recommend Aves libre

Fast, great interface, feature-rich


I have replaced preinstalled gallery app with Aves, and it is great app!

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I am quite sure there us even more to discover. I am using it for some weeks now. Still new features show up. This dev is just great. He is also from france. The app is floss.

Methinks /e/ should consider a change.

FP3+, 1.8.1
My Gallery started crashing upon startup (trying to display the timeline). (See Feedback for v1.8 - #142 by alice_m)
It is basically unusable now, except for “Open with” operations from other apps, for individual pictures.
Almost sure I used it with this /e/ version before it started crashing; weird. :thinking:

Installed Aves right now; looks nice indeed! However, “replaced preinstalled X app with Y” remains a figure of speech since (AFAIK) we cannot easily hide apps, so each “replacement” makes the home screen and its folders a bit more bloated. :laughing: I’ll consider switching back to Gallery if it gets fixed…

When you delete the stock gallery app from the home screen it is hidden. It’s still there, you can even start it but it’s not visible anymore among the other icons on the home screen.

Camera Roll v1.0.6 (from F-Droid) is also not bad and very stable. (Attention: there’s also a CameraRollX, this is not the same, it crashes sometimes …)

Is that possible with the default /e/ launcher though? I never found any feature like that, and I think it’s a common request. If I long-press an app’s icon to enter the wiggly-edit-mode, the preinstalled apps do not have a minus sign on them or anything – only the custom apps do.

Ahm … I don’t know. Your question reminds me that I didn’t use Bliss for a long time. Other launchers allow that.

I disabled Gallery a long time ago when it was causing lots of issues (screenshots, camera, etc.). Still disabled on one device.
When I re-did the other device I kept it to see if it was okay now.

On my Teracube (not the speediest device) Gallery takes its sweet time loading the Timeline. On every start.
Gallery3d is a shadow of its former self. Compared to the old days it seems to do almost nothing really. Can’t even sort in the Album view as far as I can tell.

We need a new default Gallery for sure.

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Another vote here for Aves Libre. I plan to use it to replace Gallery2 in my next custom builds of Lineage4MicroG

The team members are also not very happy with the gallery app …gallery app takes several second to load thumbnails (#6658) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

Also, this is a regression and the team is working on a fix. You will get the updates on the resolution and ETA in the issue thread linked above.


Thanks. I seem to be the only one for whom the regression causes a full crash of the app rather than just a lag, though. xD Dunno if you could reproduce anything like this; that’s probably related.

I’m curious… is this happening to users that have a lot of photos, or does it happen irrespective of the number of files?

In my case the stock gallery app shows these problems even when I have not a single picture anywhere. This doesn’t matter at all. And it does this already for a very long time.

The same trouble guys :smiling_face_with_tear: