Gallery does not make albums anymore

Gallery does not make albums on fairphone 4.
Any idea why?

It did for a while and now it does not.


You probably know that an Album is “any folder containing images” (that can include video, .png, .jpg and probably more)

So you can very easily create an Album from the Files app.
Create a new folder in any location.
Move at least one image into that folder.
Now Gallery will see the new Album.

Thank you for your reply.
1/Somehow i do not manage that way.
When i go to files i see the albums, i see also the open camera from where i want to select images. If i select, i can move them or copy to…and i come to files in download…cannot find albums.

From gallery the option to move or copy does not show up anymore. Previously it did.

2/ Also i struggle with aurora store, it requests a new session, but than nothing happens!

Struggling! appreciate guidance, thank you,

Gallery seems to work more closely to a viewer only now; some features which did not seem to work nicely on all devices may have been dropped.

Perhaps I was too terse with my explanation, I’ll try again :slight_smile:

Using Files app create a new folder in any location; try to find a location which is easy to navigate back to.
Name the folder My_next_Album
Look for your My_next_Album using Gallery – the folder, empty of any image, will not be found.
Using Files App move at least one image into My_next_Album.
Now Gallery should now see My_next_Album.

Note in Files app, pull down Navigation side bar from 3 bar menu top left. Only the circled items lead to “old school” navigation.

A fairly recent bug ! Two posts, further comments within the threads:


Okey thank you very much! . Tomorrow a young friend will try to help me with the tips you gave me.
I will come back to you after that.

Alternatively is there any freegallery app with albums which you recommend?

NEW questions;
1/I think Uber will not work on the google phone, right? But i can do with browser eventually I read somewhere.
Now; when i get myself a new sim card while travelling they might ask me to verify by scrolling to the username and simcard number, but on this google fairphone this does not show…
And if I want to pay cash, they ask to let Facebook verify. I do not have FB on phone, and if i put then they can track me or so?

Basically how can it work smoothly with Uber while travelling??

2/ I downloaded this app from App Lounge; Eskom se push
but once opened it also did not work.

If i can make Aurora store to work again, will it work then?

Sorry for many questions, little struggling still… as I prepare to travell

thank you,

Gallery available from App Lounge by Tibor Kaputa, will create a new album.

It is fine to ask multiple question, and to open new threads on new subjects Uber / Facebook not my subject really best to open a new thread.

I looked up ESP EskomSePush on Exodus., just a first view, apps that are not very privacy friendly like this are tricky on /e/OS. I guess you would need to have Advanced Privacy off to hope to run this.

I don’t know if other app-stores would have different variants.


Aves Libre from F-Droid

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There do seem to be alternative apps that might work – more research on Exodus

…Search loadshedding - esp EskomSePush

… proposes “Amber rated” loadshedding

– there are others revealed in the search term I used.

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Thank you. Useful.
But these alternative apps do not show up to dowmload on aurora or applestore.

Anyway i appreciate your research!

This gallery sounds like a good alternative.
It s very cheap, have to look into it to see if it s a one time payment.

Thank you

The simplemobiletools link seems to highlight Gallery-Pro.

The free app is named Gallery, sorry that the link gave the wrong impression.

no problem, found it, downloaded but it says it will ask to upgrade after 2 weeks. Not sure yet if it is a must. Let’s see.
thank you!

Oh dear … now I search for it on App Lounge, I find the free version apparently renamed as Simple Gallery. His products have always been sound, I hope it turns out satisfactory for you.

Thanks, I downloaded it here, without having to pay (sofar)… It says it is the pro version What a maze…it is looking good!