Glxy S7 mobile hotspot working?

Hello all

I read a few threads that stated issues with hotspot with the S7. My phone is my only source of connectivity so if this fails I will have some issues.

I have a laptop with unbuntu to do the install/flash.

I am somewhat techsavy more on the what!? side than the some. If i have to go back to the android os to regain internet and then back to the e os few times to get any install(operator is what i really mean) issues i am good with that, if that can be done offline.

I never flashed a phone os before but have done computers, I assume it is the same? As long as I have all the os’ downloaded i should be good to dance around with them back and forth? I usually break things 5 times before i start getting it right, unless it is fixing it with a hammer, then i can do it in one shot.

Thanks for any info and tips…and i am really not that techsavy i just like to think i am…so any advice info would be best given with that in mind.

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Are they récents threads ?

You must download latest Samsung Firmware available for your country/carrier first
revert back is easier using windows, but “funny” and more subtile using linux

Thanks for the response. The posts were recent '20 and fall '21.

I will go through that how to a bunch of times.
thanks again.