Google Fi App - Uninstall?

I’ve just installed e/os on my Google Pixel 4a, and overall I’m pleased with the experience. The one potential showstopper has been difficulties making phone calls. I’m using the Verizon network through Tracfone here in the US.

I may start another topic on my call issues. My question here is about the Google Fi app which came with the OS.

It can’t be uninstalled in the usual way and it runs at startup even if it had been disabled prior to restarting the OS.

I’d like to uninstall it using ADB commands, but I obviously don’t want to break the phone (especially calling). Is there some essential function this app serves or is it exclusively for e/os users who want to use Google Fi as their network provider?

Thank you.

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don’t think it comes with /e/ !
are you sure about having wiped the /system and /data partitions before installing /e/OS ?

Well, I followed the installation instructions here.

Those instructions specify doing a format data/factory reset using the /e/ recovery, then using adb to sideload /e/os.

Does the /e/ recovery do an incomplete job of preparing the phone for the installation of /e/os?

According to Google, app name is
Found it in product.img using Multi Image Kitchen (Tycho.apk).

You can try to uninstall it using, for example, I made a misstake: - #3 by AnotherElk.

Then, if everything is fine after some weeks, you can open an issue at GitLab to ask for removal (Sign in · GitLab, you will have to create an account, ask if you can’t).

As a side note, also found MyVerizonServices.apk in product.img …

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This was for re-installing after uninstalling.
Uninstalling goes like this …

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I assume force stopping and disabling the app temporarily has the same effect as uninstalling it. I think I’ll do that each time I restart the phone for a while. I don’t want to introduce too many variables in diagnosing my calling problems.

Also, is there anyone who can give a definitive answer to piero’s supposition that Google Fi is not part of /e/os and was was somehow already on the phone when /e/os was installed?

I can say that the /e/os version Q I installed on my wife’s OnePlus 6 did not come with Google Fi, but that’s not definitive for version R on the Pixel 4a.

Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.

Yes, the developers could answer that over at the GitLab … Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab.

The description tag of the page says “Google Fi is a program to deliver a fast, easy wireless experience in close partnership with leading carriers, hardware makers, and our users.”

The carrier bit of this gets me thinking … could this App come with the SIM card of your provider perhaps? Everywhere I put my daily driver SIM card in, I get an App called SIM-Toolkit (consisting of some managing functions and a lot of unnecessary provider nonsense), which doesn’t come with any OS I install either.

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I see no on my device in UK. This link on this line is unintentional and is not created by me!

I see this

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Thanks for that. It appears the issue has already been raised as issue #3973 by Kumar Abhishek, who appears to be an /e/ developer.

There are also several other Google apps left on the Pixel 4a (sunfish) according to issue #3974, also by Mr Abhishek.

I’d like to bump the issue to the top by replying, but the system won’t allow me to register. I’ll do as smu44 suggests and email

I’m obviously new to the /e/ community (this is my fifth post ever). Is gitlab the preferred place to get help, or is that considered spamming the devs?

Thanks again.


After reading the issue over at GitLab I suspect the issue is exclusive to the Pixel 4a. Is that the device you’re using in the UK?

I’m pretty sure it didn’t come on the SIM card, as Google Fi is a competing MVNO to my carrier, Tracfone.

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It’s the place to get in contact with the developers, which is the way to go if we users here in the forum or forum staff can’t answer or figure out something the developers perhaps would know or could do something about.

Just to make myself perfectly clear : the app IS included in /e/ ROM for your device.

[Edit] : and not only Google apps are included, also some third-party.

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Is that the device you’re using in the UK?

Negative, it sounds as if the issue is device specific.

is that considered spamming the devs?

Definitely not, it is the place where issues will be noticed and can stay in sight until resolved.

Just unpacked a LineageOS image : app is included as well, along with the same third-party apps (Verizon, Sprint, …).

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Interesting that those proprietary apps are in the LineageOS image.

This app is definitely creepy. According to the settings menu it auto starts, but not immediately on startup. I was able to boot the phone, then make and receive a call without the “Force Stop” icon highlighting on the App Info screen.

Anybody know of a way to dig a bit deeper into when the app is running and what it’s doing? ADB commands? Some sort of network sniffer app?

Interesting app. Seems very useful, but Google Fi doesn’t show up in it. In fact, none of the preinstalled apps do.

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Anybody know of a way to look at what the app is keeping in storage and cache? The pattern seems to be that Google Fi runs about ~5 minutes after startup, then adds to its storage and cache.

I assume there are ADB/shell commands for this, but it’s too early for me to dig into the AOSP documentation.

Best way I could imagine :

  • stop/uninstall app
  • reboot to any recovery providing ADB root shell
  • mount /product partition RW, then delete the app from /product/apps (or /product/priv-apps, can’t remember :wink: )
  • unmount /product, reboot to system

I don’t know much Pixel devices, maybe someone could complete with proper recovery name and a way to edit product partition content …