Google Pixel 3a &Pixel 3a XL

tks a lot @archje !!

So with your link I may have everything i need to install /e/ on my new Pixel 3a ?

Following the [HOWTO] install eOS GSI on a Treble device, yes @yoda67. Only what comes after that? With GOS I know what’s in.

ok tks
what do you mean by that " Only what comes after that? With GOS I know what’s in."
Sorry my english is not 100% perfect

Hej @yoda67, there’s no need to apologize for so-called bad English. I also don’t always translate German speaking habits in an understandable way, as we just noticed ;o))

Well, I’m referring to the two questions I asked here. Without continuous development an OS on a current phone has no chance with me.

Please ask again if I’m not making myself clear.

so you mean :
If the GSI generic install on a P 3a won’t have maintenance in the future, then you would forget about this phone ? (maintenance from e or Android (security patches).

LOL the french guy trying to speak to the German guy, in english…

Well, this is a globalised multicultural mix ;-//

G°°gle security patches and device enhancements (firmware) come around the 5th of every month for Ppixel 3a. That’s very commendable, isn’t it?! If /e/ OS doesn’t have same level, it isn’t interesting for a device in this price range for me. No matter if I’m an /e/nthusiast or not.

The fastest solution to the security patches on time issue is delta updates. We can send out just the patches immediately after they have been released instead of bundling it + fixes and updates in a full build. I have been pushing for this to be implemented. Will raise this again for a fast closure.

After the initial release of the Android security updates, the LineageOS team also needs a few days until the updates are implemented. This is also completely understandable and okay. Until the middle of the month all ROM builders known to me have regularly integrated the patches. This is also possible for unofficial /e/ OS ROM, as you can see here:

+1 on support for Pixel 3a. I’m trying to figure out how to install the GSI build, but the fact that my p3a is my daily driver running Q makes that a bit tricky… I wish there were good instructions around how to snapshot the device, try /e/, and revert to the snapshot if it doesn’t work out.

The Pixel 3a is a great phone for me and I would love to use /e/ on it every day! I am seeing more and more of them around. Does anyone know what is keeping Lineage from supporting this phone? Does the GSI or treble image thing work, meaning, is there anyone here that has actually done it?

FYI: [UNOFFICIAL Q BUILD] Google Pixel3a (sargo)

where did u got the bliss launcher?

and now that pixel 3a in supported in Lineageos with 18.1, when it could be included support in e/ ?
Now I am using Grapheneos but missing e/
please consider this device soon. eventhough I know you are soooo busy with Q in different devices and the easy installer.

please add google pixel 3a

I flashed this on my pixel3a sargo. It works great…but says it’s a few months behind on the code…

LineageOS 17.1 and 18.1 look to be available for the Google Pixel 3a XL:

+1 vote for Pixel 3a XL :slight_smile:

Hello. I got /e/OS on a Samsung and LineageOS on Pixel 3A. I would much prefer having /e/OS on Pixel 3A as the community support is much friendlier and productive over here. How far are we from getting /e/ on pixels? What can we do to help?

Hi ! I’m also very interested in getting /e/OS on Pixel 3a.

+1 vote for Google Pixel 3a (sargo)

Thank you in advance !

Hi all ! +1 vote for this Pixel 3a [sargo], already supported by LineageOS.
Thanks :wink:

And another +1 for Google Pixel 3a (Sargo)! Would love to try /e/ on this device :slight_smile: