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Today I installed /e/OS 1.16-t on my Google Pixel 4a 5G, coming from LineageOS 19.1 (@jarival your hint regarding vendor_boot was a great help, thanks for that!).
After installation I wanted to re-lock the bootloader with command flashboot flashing lock (using fastboot 34.0.4), but after that I received a message that no valid OS was available (and consequently the device could not be started).
Is it generally impossible to re-lock the bootloader (then this should be mentioned in the documentation) or did I do something wrong?

I also meant to re-lock the bootloader after installing /e/, but after consulting various websites, I decided not to. This site mentions that : “Relocking the bootloader can not be undone on many devices”. Furthermore it appears that if you relock the bootloader, you will have no other choice than go back to stock ROM. I would be delighted to learn that this is not true, but in the meantime, I will keep my bootloader unlocked, in spite of the annoying message reminding you that your bootloader is unlocked every time you switch on your phone !

With eOS only a few devices can be locked. In the installation document, it is not mentiond for bramble. Thereforejit is not possible

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Thanks for clarifying, this complies with my experience.

To be precise, the documentation regarding “Bootloader relocking support” says “Data unavailable”, which imo means that it is unknown or not yet clarified.
If it’s clear that relocking is not possible, the better solution would be to clearly state “Not supported”.

@jarival For Pixel 4a 5G, re-unlocking is possible. I did that after I recognized that locking the bootloader prevented the device from booting. However, unlocking again reset the OS to initial status, so all data was lost (which was no problem in this case) and I had to re-run the setup steps.

Apparently, the relocking status is known, since the device is mentioned in the section “Bootloader can NOT be relocked” on this page. In my opinion, that should be made clear in the install guide.

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Although model G025I is not mentioned in the supported devices list, I can confirm that /e/OS runs flawlessly on that device. :+1:

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