Google Pixel 5 /e os easy installer

Hi everyone,
I will soon be receiving a brand new Pixel 5 and I am looking forward to installing /e os straight onto it.
It will most likely come with Android 11 out of the box, and I was wondering if the easy installer will be able to flash /e on it with this version of Android?
Also, if I update the android version directly on the phone, it will update to A14, which is not supported by the easy installer (as far as I could read on the forum).
I am not a technical expert and I do not feel confident playing around with the phone by upgrading / downgrading the Android version to install /e.
Therefore what would be your recommendation in this situation ?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

hi @Kohryl

actual version of /e/OS for this device is e-1.21-t,
so better is to first install latest android 13 based version of GogolOS,
and then flash the recovery-e to install /e/OS on it.
[HOWTO] an Unified Install Guide Project for /e/

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Hi @Kohryl,

I installed /e/OS on several Pixel 5 but always without the easy installer and therefore still via the command lines. With the right usb-c cable (a short cable) everything went very well in just a few minutes :+1: It’s very easy.
I followed those instructions: .

I didn’t have to worry about which version of Android was already on the phone.

I would add a detail mentioned in this post Pixel 5 stuck in Fastboot Mode - #16 by PierreT and read in other messages on this forum. The installation is done on a slot, “a” or “b” (refer to the “Install /e/OS” chapter). After step 7, the recovery ask me to reboot to perform another install. I choose yes and then get back in recovery with the other active slot. I launch the install command again:
adb sideload
I don’t know if it’s mandatory but it works well for me.

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