Google pixel c - dragon - vendor image mismatch


i couldn’t find much online, but, since ive installed /e/ on this second hand device, im presented with this warning every time i turn it on:

is it something i will just have to live with like the unlocked bootloader? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

hope someone can help.

Where did you get the unofficial build from?

Probably there :

[LIST] /e/OS Supported Tablets


As link is dead in the dedicated topic for this device,
[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Google Pixel C (dragon)

Source was there

[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Unofficial /e/ Builds for Lineage Supported Phones


Is /e/ Build from (2019) could be older than stock ?
I don’t think so as the device is from (2015)
edit : sadly, yes it is -->post/15

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@lucyferu, Are you sure to have first updated the device to latest stock available firmware before installing the /e/ build ?

yep, downloaded it from here.

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not sure i did.
i followed the lineage os guide basically.

is there a way i can check that?

Don’t knows pixel, but on samsung we have trace of it in the
–>settings -->about phone -->android version -->vendor security patch level


The /e/unoffocial build seems to be based on the “2019 june the 05” or “2019 may the 06” stock firmware (i don’t know how to traduct the date from your error message)

in the settings i found something named Android security patch level dated 5 June 2019.

is that it?

vendor security patch level ?

it seems impossible to be found on google pixel c.
the only way would be to root my device and try to access the build.prop file in the vendor directory.
is that worth going through this hassle?
do you have any other recommendation?

well, iactually did it, but it didnt give the expected results.
some peole found a vendor build security patch in their /vendor/build.prop

what i found instead was just this

is any of these few info useful? :sweat_smile:

it looks like the information youre asking is totally missing in my device.

BaseBand/Modem Firmware version ?

On the download server, There were two /e/builds :
this one is based on android 8 ( oreo ),
when the other one is based on android 7 ( nougat )

What was your stock OS level ?

cant find them and dont understand how to find them. :frowning_face:

android 8.1 oreo


By its filename, we knows that this /e/ system part of the software was builded the 2019-07-04 (july the 4, and released the 5) including android security-patch from june the 5 (you found in settings)
Based on the OPM8. 190605.003 stock firmware witch is expected (your first screenshot)

Your device answer (in your second screenshot) that the installed vendor firmware part of the software was builded the 2019-07-23 (july too, but the 23)
Based on the OPM8. 190605.005 stock firmware that is more recent

sadly, vendor part on your device is too uptodate to be fully managed by this system build


If you want to fix this warning message, using this very old (e-0.7-o version) of /e/OS build on this device,

You could first install previous stock /gogol/OS before installing /e/OS !

It is certainly easier than the second option that is
build a newer version of /e/OS. even if it is desirable,
(there were ton of improvements since version e-0.7-x)s

oh, great, thank you very much for this response.
i get it now. :smiling_face:

so you’re saying i could either install the older os version (0.7) or build a new one?
and if i wanted to build a new one, do i find instructions anywhere?
i built lineage os 15.1 once, after many many struggles, but that was by following the wiki.

steadfasterX / android vendor e · GitLab

Building `e` ROMs · Wiki · Phone Custom ROMs / Backlog · GitLab

are they both guides to build /e/ os?
because, after a quick glance, they look different to me.

as repos go, should i use the 0.21.4? the latest one tagged as oreo?
i found it here.

I can’t help you on building land yet…

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