GoSecure App on the phone for Bank security

My bank (Triodos) intall up from february a new security System without SMS-TAN anymore, I need to get the App “GoSecure”. The problem is that it is only on Google Play Store.
Do you have a recommandation for me to get the App on my Fairphone 3+, with the Interface /e/?
I would very appreciateyour help!

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tried aurora store?

Yes I did, it is not to found

It may well be geo-restricted (i.e. only available in specific countries.See this post in a different thread, describing how I was able to see UK-only geo-restricted apps on a fresh install of /e/. If you are not UK based, you may also need to set the system Language, and the language in Aurora Store Spoof manager.

Is it this app? https://m.apkpure.com/gosecure/com.ps.securityapp

I found it on the last version of Aurora!!
It seems to work so far, I shoul get a confirmation per Post in the next days.
Thank you for your answersnall of you! :))

No it wasn´t this one, but a “SecureGo” actually :sweat_smile: