GPS says I'm 200 miles away

I’ve recently installed /e/OS on an old Samsung S6 and the GPS shows me as being about 200 miles away from where I actually am. I’ve tried it in the different location modes, high accuracy and battery saving both show me in the same place, and in device only mode it can’t find me. What should I try next?

How old is the version of /e/ you are running? The version mentioned in this post is from October 2019 and there have been many changes and improvements since then. There is an unsolved defect which means that more recent builds would not boot, so they were removed.

A more recent unofficial build is available here:

@Bryophytae has posted about his experience of testing it. Read his comments here. Probably worth taking a backup before you start. Have fun!

Both the S6 and the S6 Edge were updated.

I think @petefoth made an honest mistake here.

Make sure to flash the correct version : @mxlx, you seem to have the S6 (Zerofltexx), not the S6 Edge (Zeroltexx).

Here’s the updated S6 unofficial Oreo build.

However, @Forumsnutzer tried flashing this unofficial S6 Oreo build, but it does not seem to go beyond the boot screen animation as can be seen in this comment. Newset 0.9 build update for Samung Galaxy S6 - is it safe now?

I suppose @Forumsnutzer did a clean flash (In TWRP, go to Wipe>Format data, then Advanced wipe>select cache and system partitions), but just in case he/she didn’t, you could try it yourself and see what happens.

Yes, I flashed the linked zip file for zerofltexx over TWRP.

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Quite possibly :slight_smile: Just quoting from @Anonyme’s complete list of unofficial /e/ builds

And from this page which also links to the October 2019 build.

If there are more recent builds available, it would be great to get those posts updated.

Also, the linked defect is still open. If the device is working with this e-0.11 build, then it would be good to post a reply to the defect.

Done ! I wrote a comment in the gitlab issue you mentionned to inform them, and messaged @Anonyme with all relevant information necessary to decide if it is a good idea to add it to the list of unofficial builds.

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Thanks for that, I’ll have a look and see what I can do.

I am running Pie and the last version of Magic Earth, it don’t find me.