GS290 Bluethooth + Mazda


since 1 year, I’ve tried to link my GS290 to my Mazda CX30 without any success. The car is registered on my GS290 but the car refused the smatphone.

I’ve seen some topics with new Mazda and Toytota but without any solution.

Any idea or suggestion ?

Thanks a lot


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What version of /e/OS are you running?

Can you give more details, please?

Phone GS290
Android 11
/e/ OS 1.13-r-20230724313393-stable-GS290

I don’t think it’s due to the Android version and / or OS version as before it was Android 10 and older OS versions like 0.8. Each time I get a new version, I tried to link the GS290 to my car without any success.

Moreover, no problem to link my GS290 to my Mazda MX5 or the Jeep Renegade of my wife. And other smartphones can be linked to my Mazda CX30.


So what happens? An error message or…??

Sometimes, the car is recorded on the smartphone but never the smartphone on the car.

I was able to successfully pair my phone (FP3+) with my car (Mazda3), which has the same software (Mazda Connect) as your car. So it should work for you too.
Perhaps you could try deleting the pairing on both your phone and your car, so you can re-pair again.

I’ve already deleted many time the pairing. But I’ve done it again.

Some screenshots of the CX30 failed pairing and the MX5 successful pairing

Some missing permissions for the CX30.

Moreover, the Mazda Connect is quite new since 2022 with the possibility of managing some parameters by using the smartphone with MyMazda app.

Thanks for your answer.

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