GS290 cant enable wifi

I set up and installed /e/ and it looked fine up until it booted. i got a pop up that said Bluetooth kept crashing and if i should disable it. but more importantly i couldn’t enable WiFi.

i have already attempted a few things like resetting Bluetooth WiFi and cellular to no avail. im making this post because i don’t know how best to begin debugging.

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Revert to stock ROM, then apply updates up to may 2021 (not after !).
Then install /e/.

Please see Gigaset - GS290 - gs290 - Documentation Suggestions - #75 by sugit for further reference.

Hi Thanks for the response. i just found on gitlab someone had the same fix. just to make sure as im fairly new to this. “stock rom” refers to the gs290 rom that was on the device when i got it correct? or do you mean to use unmodified android rom?

if its the gs290 rom is there a specific place i can download the old rom? i found a download by but im not sure if its a good source.

“stock ROM” is referring to Gigaset factory ROM.
You can find an how-to with a download link here : Reverting to stock ROM on the GS290 for Windows users

ok great i think the instructions are fairly similar for linux. Thanks a ton for answering my dumb questions!

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hi im sorry to be back already, but i put off re flashing the stock rom untill i was sure i could get it working. i do have the stock gigaset rom on my phone now i flashed it using “fastboot flash … …” but when i booted wifi is still not enabled on the stock rom. did i somehow download too late of a version?

the files i flashed (in order) are: boot.img, cache.img, recovery.img, userdata.img
flashing userdata.img failed ‘This partition doesn’t exist’.

and when i first booted the phone it said it was corrupted and did a factory reset. which led to a working phone minus wifi.

do i have to flash the other img files too? or the preloader?

and again im very grateful that you helped me thus far


To go back to stock ROM, I strongly advise to use SP Flash Tool (Linux download here) with the scatter file, as described in the how-to.
I used this method 10+ times now (on a Windows computer), everytime it ended up with a fully working device.
I have to admit, I never took care of partitions list when going back to stock. Just clicked on the green button, plugged a powered-off phone, and voilà :smile_cat:

As AndroidFileHost is subject to frequent outages, I maintain a mirror for the version of stock ROM I use : Stock GS290 Rom anyone? - #20 by smu44.
I got it first from AndroidFileHost, when GS290 was quite new for /e/.
You’ll have to install 4 or 5 updates starting from this ROM, before flashing /e/.

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Thanks so much! i think im going to install a windows vm :joy: to use the flash tool, the linux version seems to be missing options. i think ill figure it out from here thanks again!

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If you have a fast 16+GB USB storage device, you may also want to run Windows from it.
This way, you may avoid virtualized USB problems :wink:

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Hi, I’ve reverted to stock rom ok, but this doesn’t solve problem because I’m back with awfull google again! How can I install /e/ version that has my wifi drivers?

Hey, so the problem comes from having a recent os from gigaset. There is a new version with a security update, and you need to install an old stock android version then update from there. more detail here: Gigaset - GS290 - gs290 - Documentation Suggestions - #75 by sugit

I believe that this is it: Jaguar Network - Share

you should also try and be sure what version it is before flashing. has to be before sometime in 2021. Otherwise, you will have to revert to an old stock os and try again.

I can’t remember all that clearly anymore. My main problems were with windows/Linux inconsistencies.

feel free to ask any questions, ill try my best to help as i know how frustrating it was for me. :slight_smile: