GSI on a motorola razr 2020 xt2071-4


i own that device since 2 weeks, its on android 10 and my last android experience was on a android 2.3.6
it s not possible for me to accept that my private data can be pick up on that googled linux system.

after searching a custom rom i came here and understand what is treble and GSI and it seems possible to flash a gsi on my device.
(tps:// and

on the second link, there is no detail concerning the razr 2020 exept:
voyager ✓ A/B arm64

so, i’m ready to lose warranty even on the fact it’s a new phone and get its bootloader unlocked, but what can i hope to work with that GSI?

i need 3g call and using the camera, i do not need other things fully working.

any suggestions?

thank you

the goal is not to brick the device, but i’ready to take a risk.

Hi @falcon84 , welcome to the forum. :grinning:

If you search the forum you should find some discussions about the e GSI.
I would say that getting a GSI to run on a device can be a bit hit and miss, but don’t let that put you off.
My top tip if you are going to experiment is to make sure you can return to stock android if something goes wrong. This is insurance, best to have it.

I’ve had a couple of long sessions experimenting on a Sony Xperia XA2 (a 2018 phone with android 9 as the last supported OS) and have had many successful outcomes. Most recently getting AOSP 12 running and wifi calling was working! I didn’t have much luck with eGSI but it was quite a long time ago that I last tried it…I might have another go just to see what’s changed.

My general opinion regarding gsi’s is that the settings can sometimes be a bit limited compared to device specific roms and for my own device I could not often get wifi calling working. But as you say you only need 3g you’re not bothered about that.

You may have this already but this is an article I found helpful at the start.

And this command to confirm your device name:

adb shell getprop ro.product.device
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Hello Chrisrg, thank you.

I will take 2 weeks on this topic to get a maximum information and advices before getting the device warranty removed :slight_smile: and flash the e GSI.

So the steps should be:

1 -not done, unlocking the bootloader using the method at
(Unlocking the Bootloader � MOTOROLA Android Phones � Motorola Mobility LLC)

2- done, downloading the platform tool with adb and fastboot

3-done, unlocking developper option on the device and usb debug.
adb devices gives ‘ZY227X4… device’
adb shell getprop ro.treble.enabled gives ‘true’
adb shell getprop ro.product.device gives ‘smith’

4-done, i have download the ‘com.kevintresuelo.treble_3.0.2-500004_minAPI21(arm64-v8a,armeabi-v7a,x86,x86_64)(nodpi)’, the i rename it treble.apk and install it on the device with the command:
adb install treble.apk gives ‘Performing Streamed Install Sucess’
On the device, the treble check says: projet treble ok; cpu architecture is 64-bit ARM, update in background on A/B partition.

That’s what i have done at today.

I like the device name!

Spotted this for you to keep as backup info.

Hello Chrisrg,

My device shows xt2071-4, is under android10, with QPS30.205-Q3-42-16-3 version.

Something is not clear for the moment for me because this version should be for xt2071-3 device.

With ‘Rescue and smart Assistant’, a PC Motorola tool, i was able to download from Motorola the suggested/corresponding android 11 firmware: ‘SMITH_RETAIL_RPSS31.Q1_40_17_12_11_subsidy_DEFAULT_regulatory_XT2071_4_EEA_CFC.xml’

So as precaution i can use it if something goes wrong, but i look further to find the same Motorola android 10 stock rom as installed on my device.

I used ‘Treble check’, install another called ‘Treble info’ that suggest downloading ‘system-arm64-ab.img.xz’ /e/ GSI rom.
The release note speaks about the latest rom, the ‘/e/OS v0.20-pie’, not downloadable for the moment.

Thank you for the install guide link, i will use it when every thing is clear for me.

If somebody sees mistakes i do, please say it.

Confusing looking at those version numbers I agree. From this source it looks like your model number with the -4 on the end relates to a global version of smith whereas -3 on the end relates to ‘NA’, presumably North America.
The software number you give for your device (QPS30.205-Q3-42-16-3) has a -3 on the end but I don’t think that relates to the model number in the same way.

But I don’t know. For tracking down the same stock rom you could use some experienced motorola user help!

As far as your plan to flash eGSI: the current gsi is android 10 or q, so you want to keep android 10 stock on your device as the base operating system.

I’ve been trying the eOS gsi on my spare XA2: versions 0.18-q and 0.19-q.
Cannot get sound to work in calls. Texting is ok, calls no. The calls connect inbound and outbound but no sound on either end.

Someone mentioned this months ago:

Hello Chrisrg,

Your spare XA2 is under android 8, the begin with treble i read.

For the moment i don’t get access on the android10 stock rom, so
i only tweak the device with a debloater.

Unlock bootloader seems more complicated with android 11 installed i read somewhere.

Hey if you Have element contact me, i can try to help you

Did you get e gsi working with audio in calls on your TCL C5 5152D?

I can’t really say, i don’t make calls and i don’t have a SIM card

Hello Dani82, thank you for your help.At today i have nothing new.