Hands-free car kit / Repeating my own voice in car speakers

Good day to you all,

I have a small problem with my new Gigaset GS290 and I am not sure if it is a problem with the settings or a bug in the operating system. That’s why I would first like to ask here if there is a solution.
I have paired the smartphone with the hands-free system in a new Audid A6 and in a new Ford Focus.
When I make a phone call, my own voice is output about 0.5 seconds later through the car speakers. This is very annoying as it overlaps the caller’s voice.
Does anyone know the problem and hopefully a solution?

I look forward to your feedback.

Joachim Kiefaber


The problem has been reported, but there is no fix yet.


bests regards

Good evening losnono,

and thank you for info. so we have to wait.

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It appears to be the same problem I experience on my GS290 /e/ phone.
Does /e/ supports Bluetooth conversations - /e/ Smartphone Operating System - /e/ community

In fact no bluetooth conversation is possible with any device, because there is a huge echo of my own voice.

I’m glad to learn this is a real issue.
At least we can hope for a fix.