HD Voice compatibility

I have the /e/ OS on a Galaxy S7 Edge. I received a message from Cricket stating that all phones on their network need to have HD voice compatibility. I can’t find that option in Settings.
Cricket is making the change because they are dropping the 3G network.

Can I get help with this? I have no idea whether my Galaxy S7 is compatible. Can I assume that it is, since it has 4G?

Hi @davking. I’m not a guru by any means, but I suspect that Cricket/AT&T is now requiring VoLTE (voice over LTE). There has been some recent discussion in this thread regarding enabling this in Samsung devices which may be of help.

Thanks, I’ll have a look.

I don’t even have an option for “Wifi Calling”. I do see that my preferred network type is LTE.

Hi @davking Per one of the /e/ devs, support for VoLTE and WiFi Calling are going to be added officially in v0.16:

If you need an unofficial fix before that version is released, the information and links in the Gitlab threads above will get you to where you need to go.

TLDR: Must edit the root system file “build.prop” in recovery mode via ADB. Instructions on how to do this with Linux in the first Gitlab thread.

Report back here if you do it in Windows so that we all may learn how! :wink:

I’m working with Windows, so I have no clue how to do this. I’m no programmer.
Hopefully 0.16 gets here before my phone quits working.

Cricket tells me that my phone will no longer work at the end of the month, unless I can get this set up.

Sorry about the self-replies. Cricket has informed be that because of certain things encoded into the hardware, my phone is no longer compatible. So I suppose the above fix won’t work.

@davking No worries about the self-replies, but you can edit your initial post to include the new info! :slight_smile:

You can certainly try the fix if you’re confident enough in your ADB abilities, it’s just that an “official” fix won’t make it in time. For those that may not be aware, Cricket offers coverage on the AT&T network in the U.S.

You might consider trying a RedPocket Mobile GSMA plan- this is an AT&T network plan without the VoLTE device requirements- it may buy you enough time for an official fix to come. I’m using this MVNO with my S6 (no device VoLTE capability) and my S9 (device VoLTE capability but no current official /e/OS support) without any issues.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for helping. I got lucky, and found another provider that will accept my phone. I’m waiting to see if my phone actually quits working, first. I’ll try the above fix, first. I’m planning on getting an S9 or S10, in a few months anyway.

Well, so far my old phone is still working with my provider. Perhaps I won’t need to change after all.

Thanks for the update @davking Perhaps Cricket/AT&T using a little FUD to try to sell you a new device :wink: Joking aside, if it were me I’d ride it out until the end if you like Cricket and just be prepared to make the switch to a new provider as need be.

You’re welcome. Funny, it may have been FUD. They did try to sell me an upgrade. I would do it, but then I would be stuck with a Snapdragon variant.
Yes, that’s my plan, to wait it out. I already have another provider lined up, but it will cost me $15 more a month. Even they have to deal with some limitations because my phone is so old. It would have been cheaper, otherwise.
In the meantime, I’m going to save my pennies, and go find an S9 Exynos somewhere on the web. Perhaps an S10, if /e/ gets there when I’m ready. I think it’s in the dev channel at the moment.

I still use a S6 and it’s as snappy as ever with the UNOFFICIAL “Q” ROM from @itsclarence (with Feb 2021 security updates!). Wouldn’t dream of getting rid of it.

That’s great. BTW, what is “Q”, anyway.?

Android 10. Perhaps you said this already, but I missed it- what version of /e/OS are you running?

I’m running 0.14 at the moment.


What is the letter representing the “X”? Is it “O” (Oreo), “P” (Pie) or “Q” (Android 10)?

Strange, my phone shows “0.14-2021012798648” It lists Android 8.1.0 , which is pie, I think.
EDIT: I see what’s wrong, I was looking at “updates”. “About Phone” shows “o”.