Heimdall installation

After downloading the heimdall binaries and try to run the commands for Ubuntu, the terminal foesnt recognize it. The zip is in the downloads file. It has to be in a specific place to get yo know the path?
The installation is notcthat clear for me.


Thanks for all this help. I feel stupid cause still I cant install heimdall flashtool in ubuntu 20

(I see you are on 20) but have a look at: https://www.howtoinstall.me/ubuntu/18-04/heimdall-flash/

Previously I built Heimdall from source for Debian Buster.

Recently it was as easy as:

$ sudo apt install heimdall-flash

$ heimdall print-pit
Heimdall v1.4.1

It doesnt allowed me to do that

Will the GUI version work? https://ubuntu.pkgs.org/20.04/ubuntu-universe-arm64/heimdall-flash-frontend_1.4.2+dfsg-1_arm64.deb.html :slight_smile:

thanks for it , but the link doesnt work

now I got it run with the terminal. I think that it got stuck cause I was trying to download it before with a incorrect file. Now I have uninstall it and do it from cero with the terminal. I am gonna keep trying if it works. Thanks to all