Help! In the middle of installation


I’m almost done with the installation, but the next step doesn’t show up on the phone?

I’m at the stage where it say:
tap on ‘wipe’ (this doesn’t show up on the phone?? What do i do now?)
tap on ‘advanced wipe’
tap on ‘repair or change file system’
tap on ‘resize file system’

and so on…

I have a samsung 9+
I use windows 10

when i was on the stage “connect your device to wifi”
And asked to click on install/update, it said my device was up to date, and I didn’t get any error message, did something go wrong there?
I also got this message in red on the program that is running right now:

failed to map file /sdcard/


E: another threaded action is already running – not running 2 actions astarting with ‘&twaction%’

Hi @Helpfastplz welcome to the /e/ forum

… what program is running right now? Are you using Easy Installer? If yes, do you know where to find the log? Howto troubleshoot issues with the easy-installer … or are you using ? or [HOWTO] Install /e/ on a Samsung smartphone with Windows easily ?

I’m running easy installer, it’s called “running recovery Commands”

it seems like TWRP (advanced Recovery Manager) haven’t be correctly flashed on the device, OR you have not correctly rebooted the device IMMEDIATLY in TWRP mode.

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I have been in the TWRP menu before, and is almost done, I’m after the stage where it asks for an email, and I pressed "i’m not interested’ and continue. It didn’t say anything about me rebooting the phone again.

Should I restart the phone (with volum up?) or leave it where it is and try something?

If you think Easy Installer has finished, yes, reboot. Or what is holding you back?

It’s not quite finished, it’s on a stage after they have asked me to create or skip email, and this stage is called: “resize data partition”. But the TWRP buttons don’t show up on the phone?
Should I reboot in to some mode?
With volum down?
With volum up directly?
Or first volum down then reboot from there with down/up swap?

I see the screen “running recovery commands” on my phone, (a black screen with a bunch of code)

The Easy Installer log would be helpful.

The screen you describe is it non active, do you believe something has come to a standstill?
for yesterday (I didn’t turn anything off, but only turned my pc on sleepmode), and today it said:
(and more, but it was to big for that website, but it seems to repeat itself more or less)

And the screen is non active, but I can scroll up and down in the text code and so on, so it’s not freezed.

Sadly the log seems to start ok, but does not run to the point you describe. ( usually manages a debug log of 800 or 1,000 lines.)

I understand your description of the phone non active and non frozen.

You will see from your log that you have full downloads already and the required tools, heimdall and adb to consider doing a manual install – or continuing from whatever point Easy Installer reached, using manual instructions I linked already. That would be an option. Especially if you are confident you have a working TWRP.

Easy Installer will pick up again from the start – if you felt you had to take that option.

not in the secound log either?

I started it in TWRP by pressing the up volum option. but then easy installer said it was done and complete, but when i pressed reboot in twrp and power off option it said “no os installed, are you sure?”

I don’t know what stage I’m in, so where do I pick up?
Will my phone be bricked if I try to reboot it right now?

It is quite hard to brick a Samsung, but just go slow and take your time to think the best option before you do it! :slight_smile:

You know that you have a working Download.
You know you have a working Recovery.

You might or might not have /e/ installed “no os installed, are you sure?” is not a helpful message – I would go ahead, there is a chance that /e/ is there – otherwise you know you have Download and Recovery.

If /system fails to boot the device will revert to one of the others (or else bootloop). In the event of repeated, looping restarts, gently get control with careful button presses.

So it started an boot-loop, so I started it in download mode now.
Is it possible to try easy installer again? By just starting it normaly?

And it was a Samsung boot screen btw.

The next thing I would do is to get to know that you have control. I would now try to get back to Recovery and ask for Factory reset (it will probably fail – it will not take you back, but /e/ might be there, we want to check that possibility.

And it was a Samsung boot screen btw.

The Download mode screen never changes (except script in top left corner).

Is it possible to try easy installer again? By just starting it normaly?

Give it a go!

Now it worked!

So, solution:
Restart the easy-installer and do everything again.

Thanks for all the help!